Also, amdahl’s law def..

Fylnn: Style.sheet.cssRules0.cssText has the css definition

Defusco: Sillyslux: ah **** – is this the no-css / reset css thing that some people use?

Cutright: It’s style.sheet not style.styleSheet

Defusco: Sillyslux: ooo I’ll test that

Defusco: Sillyslux: ha ok, now it goes into the if ;

Defusco: So this if condition is basically asking whether there already exists some kind of style sheet – and if there is to append whatever is in the if onto it?

Defusco: Just thinking about what the intention was for now rather than how it’s not working, if that’s doable

Wickell: You mean the 1st if/else?

Tufano: Style.sheet.cssRules0.cssText

Defusco: Yeah the ifstyle.styleSheet{

Defusco: Style.styleSheet.cssText = css;

Yovino: That will never match

Defusco: Yeah but am I understanding the intention of it? Or is trying to do that a pointless exercise

Defusco: Oh yeah ha, forgot about ie

Schied: I have two promises that I want to run simultaneously, and when they are both fulfilled, I want to continue

Defusco: Or ‘edge’ as it like to be known now

Forand: But I don’t want to wait for the first one to complete to start the second one

Saffer: You mean what it’s good for?

Jitchaku: I feel like this should be really simple with Promises. Perhaps I’m missing the point

Vansicklin: Style.appendChilddo***ent.createTextNodecss could also have been style.innerHTML=css

Defusco: Sillyslux: i was just trying to understand what that code was doing / trying to do i guess

Elvis: I think i just copied it from other code i had written. it’s supposed to add some css to the do***ent.

Elvis: Yeah, it was part of a oneoff

Pruette: Where do you get style.styleSheet from?

Defusco: Yeah part of the “stupid, oversimplified, and not terribly accurate, physics engine”

Elvis: Older code i had written, i think i had heard it was required for certain IE

Elvis: Not sure how far back that goes, so I keep using it, even though its probably no longer necessary

Defusco: Tcsc: fair, yeah I was trying to get the if to execute and failed a bit

Elvis: Yeah, that’s a compatibility thing

Elvis: I think it might execute if you run it in IE9 but i’m not 100% certain

Defusco: I thought that it was testing to see whether there was a prexisting style sheet, or if that ‘reset css’ or something had been run, idk lol

Defusco: Not sure if IE9 is in the debian repos

Defusco: Oh that’s cool then, I can just ignore that as I’m not bothered about compatability at the mo :

Humbles: Haha debian-ie that would be nice

Defusco: I’d love to be on ##linux when it got announced

Defusco: I got told off for using pastebin there ha ha

Lucks: Which browser are you using baxx?

Biven: Firefox developer edition?

Elvis: I use pastie usually. but it’s not the best, it doesn’t support a lot of languages so i have to fudge it sometimes.

Defusco: No never used dev edition – not sure what the difference is

Elvis: I think it has more developer tools but i’ve never really noticed.

Elvis: Well, i don’t use the non-developer edition much so, i guess i wouldnt notice.

Defusco: Tcsc: you got a little bash function for that or something? I keep meaning to set something up, pasteit isn’t so great

Elvis: No, i just go to pastie and paste it in

Bowlan: When you go to the html panel and right click on that style element and choose the last option “inspect in dom panel” you can browser through all it’s properties and find style.sheet

Elvis: Sure, but i don’t paste a lot

Elvis: Also, amdahl’s law def. applies