Adv_: and then shuffle.

Prestley: Or perhaps nowadays people don’t deal with form data and I’m just “old”

Sephton: Is it wise to store data with .json?

Mccartin: Django__: only when it’s small and you do not expect it to be written simulteneously by multiple users

Rather: Deniska: no, this is just for me

Jose: Then it is fine probably

Burland: And by users I mean not only people, but any type of process

Benes: What is the javasacipt even used for example i have a form with an input fieldtext and i want to call ajax to this form to apply

Dutch: Daniman: it’s “submit”

Hameen: And you need an input type=”submit” button to trigger this

Elger: And the event is fired on the entire form

Kveton: Monomon: i want it for validation, and when the user leaves the input field the ajax call ends

Degarmo: Monomon: i want it for one input field only

Oravetz: Deniska: im running express through i updated more code and wanna re-run it, how do i that without reopneing the command prompt?

Mcduffie: Daniman: then perhaps you mean the “change” event

Ciani: I’m not sure I understand what you’re aiming at here

Drock: Django__: I’m not sure what you are asking about

Mcmeel: Django__: webservers are usually long running programs which you only need to restart after changing anything. Doing it by hand isn’t hard ctrl+c, up arrow, enter, at least on unixlike systems

Wedin: But there are watchers which will restart a webserver for you automatically after changing code

Greenup: I never used them though

Droski: Deniska: i put express inside my node file then did node myfile.js and see that express is working but now command prompt wont let me type

Arnot: Monomon: ok let me clear somethings, there is a form with an input that contains a text field for the user to input, when the user is on the textbox the ajax is called and validates the users input, but when the person leaves the textbox the output is there even the textbox is empty so i want the call to be when the user is only on the input field

Piggott: Django__: I feel like you need to find a tutorial of some sort about express

Debrecht: Daniman: so you want to cancel the ajax request when the user leaves the field?

Gabak: Daniman: then it is the “blur” event, I suppose

Palacio: Django__: My knowledge of express is quite brief

Ruyter: Deniska: yeah in following one.localhost:3000 and it works :

Mccreery: I just wanna rerun code

Newbauer: Without closing and reopening command prompt lol

Labuda: Is it ctrl+c on windows as well btw?

Somers: I thought they had ctrl+z or something else weird =

Cichocki: Monomon: just input type=’text’ blur=’function’ ?

Ellerd: Daniman: it’s slightly different than that,

Reason: I recommend splitting out your javascript from the html

Homrich: So give your input element a cl*** name that you know, and then hook the event listeners from the script

Bunda: So create an input type=”text” cl***=”nameField”

Lepri: And then have a script block in your head

Morgana: Let me whip up something

Chew: Google for “unintrusive javascript”

Kosinar: I want to shuffle two arrays that have the same number of elements with the same order. how can i do that?

Hollowell: Monomon:thanks and i will read about it

Fanton: Adv_: you want the same shuffle applied to both?

Gaglia: Daniman: you need something like this,console,output

Vandeman: Adv_: create a third array where every element is an object with those two objects inside

Elvis: I would just shuffle one and copy it into another

Defonce: Adv_: and then shuffle it