Actually I’ve realised I’ve.

Ermogemous: RonRichie: so if you look at my masterpiece

Geiger: Because grow2 and grow1 both return 1

Begonia: Let me pull up your masterpiece again

Defusco: Tcsc: whats the paste bin you used, where you can link lines?

Breiland: Goyette aha, this diagram makes sense indeed, let me compare and look at it next to Torkable’s masterpiece hoping that would make more sense

Elvis: Uh, i usually use pastie

Elvis: But idk if it can link lines

Defusco: Yeah fair – would any of that code still make sense to you now from the physics thing?

Goyette: RonRichie, perhaps reads better like this The point is that you got a tree structure

Whittenbeck: Goyette so this basically means each of these function calls growBeanstalkyears – 1 and growBeanstalkyears – 2 make their own function calls which in their turn make other function calls?

Defusco: Value of ‘this’ from world.grid.forEachEntityAroundthis, functione is index.html, didn’t expect it to be that.

Marstaller: How can I resolve “This function’s cyclomatic complexity is too high. 7” generated by jshint for this function?.

Defusco: I might just github this to make linking lines easier actually

Mate: Tcsc: If a function call is of the form a.b, this will be the object you accessed the “b” property from. Otherwise, if it’s of the form a, this will be undefined, which is turned into the global object if the function wasn’t defined in strict mode.

Orlandi: RonRichie: so you don’t actually get any values untill you hit the base case and start getting 1s back

Guba: And then all the 1s get summed up

Supry: Torkable ah, i didn’t think of it like that lol, I just thought its a repetitive single function call

Duffus: Each funtion is going to call two more functions

Townes: Unless they hit the first if

Defusco: Tcsc: so that’s what the global object is? index.html

Huttle:! so I dont any values until we hit the base case? I thought all these numbers being generated with growBeanstalkyears – 1 + growBeanstalkyears – 2 is what I get

Niece: Ah that makes sense now :

Elvis: Gah. it’s the window object.

Floro: But still need to step through again the whole thing one more and and perhaps this time it might click it

Elvis: I don’t use this inside that function

Defusco: Right ****, I forgot to look at the window stuff actually, and the screen section ;

Elvis: No, it’s just window because i didnt specify it or use strict mode

Elvis: I dont use this inside of that

Elvis: It has nothing to do with the uses of window elsewhere in the code

Defusco: No, so I wasn’t sure why it was there, as in the collisionGrid object that ‘this’ parameter is an entity

Elvis: Yeah, you should check out that link

Defusco: Tcsc: cool cool cheers

Marstaller: How can I resolve “This function’s cyclomatic complexity is too high. 7” generated by jshint for this function?.

Kenkel: Marstaller: imagine slapping that message onto that meme picture

Rotando: Marstaller:

Reineck: Marstaller: you can probably split it into smaller functions so the complexity of the function itself is smaller

Elvis: That sounds like a stupid error

Reineck: But cyclomatic complexity is not a really great indicator besides for potential problem spots

Reineck: Emphasis on potential

Reineck: Personally I just disable that 😛

Marstaller: Actually I’ve realised I’ve repeated some tests, so I’ll correct that. However, I don’t see how splitting these out into separate functions would make it simpler