A decent one: at least. to.

Trucchi: That last bit I leave to you

Pacini: Lol aha, fair enough : Im gonna think about this see if i can figure out on my own, but could you check my link above that i implemented some with reduce ? do you think it works properly?

Trucchi: But the hint I’m giving you is some = functiontest { return !nonetest; }

Trucchi: And that you can use every to create a none method

Gillmor: Playing around with draggable and droppable in jQuery: http://jsfiddle.net/jokke/Lcf3ddhu/9/ Kind people here have helped me hook the “trash” div up to remove, and that works : So, I’m trying to make a visual indication that an element is about to be deleted, while it’s hovering over the div. But it seems I’m not doing it right. Is it correct to refer to the dragged li by $event.toElement ?

Sotero: Trucchi aha, i totally got your hint and I sure thought of it in a way that it didn’t cross my mind before

Trucchi: RonRichie: the general idea is right, but you aren’t p***ing all the possible arguments to your predicate function I wouldn’t call it iterator btw – that’s it’s own thing

Trucchi: It will be particularly confusing once ES6 becomes the norm

Szczygiel: What’s the overlap look like for browsers that are so crappy as to not use javascript and correctly using the noscript tag?

Heyveld: Trucchi oh man. programming is pretty tough as it turns out 😀 for how long you’ve been programming?in general I mean ? just wonder what it’d talke me to be close to your level anytime ever? :-/

Trucchi: Well. I’ve had long hiatuses until 2 years ago when it become my job again

Mooers: But like for how long in totalyears you’ve been coding in general? how much experience did you have before coming back 2 years ago?

Trucchi: Well, I techncially first learned hot to program when I was like 10, and as you can imagine that means there was lots of start and stop involved

Trucchi: So I couldn’t really tell you a sum total of years spent *actively* programming

Trucchi: But uh. if 10 is right, that would make it 20 years god I’m old

Trucchi: But again – lots of start and stop and jumping around, definitely doesn’t need to take as long as it has

Trucchi: Doesn’t thave to take that long to be able to do what I can do, that is. There are people in this channel who are younger than me and blow me out of the water

Laake: I’m using a gulp/browserify/babelify/ngHtml2js stack and I’d like to have jasmine unit tests coverage report. I’m having hard times finding a recipe that doesn’t crash on some obscure error. Anyone would have a working setup gist ?

Charlson: Trucchi hahaha! I wish to ever be closer to your level every at any point. Ive started learning programming 5 months ago as my first attempt every, Ive got accepted to one of the best coding schools in USHack Reactor and currently working on pre-course required by them, but this at times gets pretty upsetting and overwhelming, I hope I’ll be able to make through this lol :-/

Geng: You’ve a looonnnggggg experience in coding, so yeah lol

Trucchi: It’s definitely hardest at the beginning, you gotta get your head used to thinking this way

Trucchi: Eventually it’ll come naturally and you’ll find things speeding up

Trucchi: Until you run into crazy newfangled concepts that work totally different from the way you’ve done everything before. then you get to start all over

Fraga: Indeed programming is one of the toughest professions to ever learn, I think most would agree on that though

Monville: Like learning all these array functional methodsJS functional programming as I do now is pretty upseting at times, I get easily lost, takes quite a bit to figure out how a single function works the way it does. i’ve severe OCD and I can’t move over anything until I nailed it down 101% lol

Trucchi: Depends on what kinda programmer you want to be. it can be like being a plummer which is, itself, a skilled profession – not insulting plummers!, or it can be like being a mathematician. and the whole spectrum between, probably

Maffit: RonRichie: If you have severe OCD, don’t be a javascript developer.

Radle: A decent one: at least. to be really really good at front-end web developmentmostly, all maybe entirely with JS