You’d have to wrap sections.

Mcelwine: Is there anyone here that can help with my question, please.

Petrey: If i wanted to support 750px width iphone retina, 320px width standard, 2048px width ipad retina, 1024px width standard, Would i just set viewpoint to meta name=”viewport” content=”width=2048, user-scalable=no” to handle resizing

Bellville: Or would i set it to meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″ and use % for the height and width of everything ?

Humburg: Hi i am not really a web dev but think this aint hard

Rais: Http://

Coral: So shoud i install simple custom css i am using wordpress

Bir: Try a wordpress channel Pretty sure it’s just set as a template with a left sidebar and you want a 1 column layout

Mcmorries: He’s pretty sure webdev is really easy, shouldn’t it just work. like ordering a mc-cheeseburger?

Juneau: I aked on wordpress they told me to go #css

Animashaun: No, just remarking at your dumb phrasing.

Towler: You won’t get too far constantly insinuating webdev doesn’t take any skill or understanding

Denault: Opsec: are web developers, malested and tortured every day or are you only unheppy one

Boblak: I guess you won’t learn.

Hanebutt: Dude who did i insualt i sed it sead i think it isent anything special to just winder the page in html you just change px but duno how its done here

Panis: Go do it, it’s easy. why are you asking here? it’s easy.

Bissada: And i sead i guess its simple in tearms i can handle it if you point me in the right direction

Mandry: Cuz i am unedicated in web dev

Malleck: We already did. you didn’t feel like listening.

Harbor: And insted i waste hours figuring out sobody can point me in direction and i get if fast

Molano: Opsec any ideas on my question ?

Gallemore: You’re seemingly uneducated in english as well.

Tollinchi: Hudec:

Harrier: Ye i thinked that includes in grammer

Plett: No, grammar is sentence construction

Thiessen: Spelling is. spelling.

Geer: Opsec i did meta name=”viewport” content=”width=2048, user-scalable=no” and the device seemed like it resized everything properly for my ipad with only 1024px width

Donlyuk: You can have a grammatically correct sentence with spelling mistakes

Rushworth: Https://

Stroop: Hm true i guess it would be repsonsive setting it that way :/

Horry: So if i use media queries do i just not using the viewpoint meta tag ?

Aughtry: Since css will just resize everything

Urquhart: Http://

Aitkin: The site is only going to support ipad and ipad

Mosser: So as i see i have to change div.entry-content 604x 588 to somthing biger

Fuhs: Mtt5: i found style.css but Entry COntent dosent show any big numbers

Ketchem: You have max-width: 604px on line 998

Kielbasa: So now in inspecot in mozila if i change it it dosent change auto on page how to test it first before i edite the one on site

Shackett: Not gonna explain webdev 101 to you

Swartzel: I waz changing wrong number hahah

Apgar: But found the right one

Rusi: PThis is a text where each letter should be span style=”?”getting smaller and smaller in font-size the more it goes on./span/p

Bernucho: What do I need to replace ? with in the above code to cause the text inside the span to become increasingly smaller?

Balasa: That’s not possible with css

Lazott: Sounds like it would be.

Balasa: You’d have to wrap sections in spans and set decreasing font sizes on each