You missed a /div under.

Rosa: And the table still needs to retain it’s default style an take up 100% of the width

Rehmert: Morataya, ah. so css is looking for a div containing .mask and .sun OR .sun and content?

Morataya: Julius: and/or respectively :

Macclairty: I tried making the tbody display:block so that I could add min-height to it.but that *****ed with the default table layout and 100% width

Thraen: Morataya, and or respetively?

Montanez: Sorry, my english is not that fluent. what does that mean?

Marenco: Hi, I know this is channel which is not related directly to bootstrap framework, but many people here can help me.

Ballen: I have problem with following grid: In “SM view” item 3 is blocked by item 1. I have now idead how I can use clearfix there to make it good. Can someone help me to solve that problem, please?

Morataya: Julius: sorry back yes meaning one or both

Morataya: Depending upon context

Morataya: Julius: but don’t worry you understand what is going on now so don’t worry about your comprehension and my terrible english :

Spirk: I used bootstrap for a little project and I had to get a print output with it’s .row.col-md-6+.col-md-6 layout

Spirk: I just explained my layout with that selector

Spirk: Inside the latter col-md-6 there’s a pull-right to put the content there at extreme right

Morataya: Spirk: boostrap questions need to go to ##bootstrap because vanilla css won’t help you.

Spirk: Morataya: I was almost simplifying though. Didn’t think it is too bootstrap specific

Spirk: It’s just about my prinnt output

Marker: Can someone help me with my grid?

Lilja: Will text-size: 11mm; correct for dpi?

Kulcona: Can anyone help me aligning layers using width?

Gutterman: Im having problems with it

Tiznado: Hey guys how do i display a bootstrap success message on woocommerce register form

Wesely: Hello. im trying to center a h3 element with inline-block. can someone help me?

Geffre: Arepie:

Geffre: Arepie: but rather than using text-align: center; on body, use whatever the parent of the .text is

Cobourn: Xec: yes, that is 1 solution, but i can’t use the body to text-align center, i have other element which not suppose to be center

Zaleski: Anyway, i found an alternative for now. :

Faulcon: Http:// – how do i stretch the green div to the bottom?

Pettibon: Http:// – how do i stretch the green div to the bottom?

Baldino: Hi all, I have a question. I have two divs the first one has display:table property set and the second one has display:table-cell; property set. When i set the height:58% on the first one it works on all browsers but not of safari. anyone knows a way I can solve this ? Thanks.

Coyer: When i do px it works ok but it destroys the responsiveness

Laramie: I know this isn’t a CSS issue, but this is where I am normally hanging out so hoping someone can point me in the right direction to seek help. I’ve just finished a site, huge project that emails people who register a unique code, however most emails are going to spam. How do you prevent this or what is the best place to seek help/advice? sorry for being off topic.

Salzano: Is there a tool to see which elements in the syle sheet are having invluence on a html line?

Mathes: It is may be simple question

Mathes: But why checkboxes positioned weirdly

Skomo: What do you mean by ‘positioned weirdly’?

Nahhas: You mean different sizes due to the content inside being different sizes?

Mathes: It is not in same line

Mathes: Do you understand my question

Remigio: You missed a /div under orange