You could put it in a nav,.

Gillikin: Pioneer i would refer CSS:The missing manual .O’reilly

Watton: Or u can just learn online!

Lueckenotte: Yes, really. i got an O’reilly book

Manns: Is there some way of specifying that preferred browser width when printing should be the current browser width?

Sarris: I have an element that’s set to display: inherit. The parent element has display:table, but the child is inline-block, does that make any sense?

Lunney: I thought inherit would mimic the parent.

Roblee: Seems to have something to do with having a table inside a table maybe not being a good idea.

Armbrester: I got a web page where i wanna vertically align stuff

Delima: But i dont know how 😀

Rosch: Http:// scroll down to the title with the big 3 in the beginning

Eckland: How do I center the 3 and the h2?

Axthelm: What are you trying to center it on?

Cushenberry: That background image

Figert: You see this. idk what it is in english

Sitterding: That image behind the text xd

Stadt: I guess you could group the 3 and the text in a div so you can center them together?

Debes: Shinzaemon: and how do i center them vertically then?

Arking: Now we can use the retards as stepping stones, to get to the top!

Dyba: It’s like reading reddit

Hardaker: Question — wondering if I can do this easily or if I need to use flexbox approach:

Piccinone: Check this screenshot with style code include:

Shibahara: I Want two cols of blocks – never more – that works given container max width. great.

Frist: Sorry here:

Haroldsen: But when I reduce browser width and the arrangement goes to 1 column.

Liberty: I want that column centered in the container

Skowronski: Use inline block instead of floating

Brazzell: Are you using a framework?

Brauer: I can’t figure out how to do this

Rosner: Blakespot: create a testcase of your problem

Thornley: Screenshots dont let us see/edit your code

Schliesser: No framework — I can use if need, but given I enver want more than 2 cols, I don’t really need a big grid flow

Nygaro: Blakespot, a pared-down testcase is a page that isolates the problem with the minimum required markup, styling and scripting. See paste for services that easily let you create such testcases for others to see.

Blancarte: Blakespot, Preferred live pastebins:

Irwin: Code is in the screenshot — but yes, can’t edit srt

Lominack: Youla: inline block eh?

Erler: Blakespot: anwyay what you’re looking for can be acheived by using inline-block and text-align: center on the container

Pinkley: Taht does it – thanks!

Graus: Blakespot:

Callaham: Inline-block isn’t something I’ve used often

Werking: But yeah there you go

Daddona: Co worker griping at me for not using flexbox for this — doesn’t that seem unnecessary given what I am trying to achieve have now achieved?

Porietis: If I decided I wanted the blocks themselves to squeeze down a bit in the reduction of browser width, would flexbox be the smoothest route there?

Lening: You think a “Back” link should be in a nav element semantically?

Liesman: I ask here cause #html is mute for some reason

Bellflower: Browsers already have those

Wyndham: You could put it in a nav, though