You can’t be effective with.

Argrow: Http:// what i just made up

Fissori: Yes, and is not working per se, thus is not really a picture of what you’re after either

Fissori: Argrow: so. let us see what “working” means

Pod: Riston, a simplest css way is this:

Arnet: I’m new to CSS and am doing a course. I can’t figure out why a picture is off when it’s made with the same code that makes the others right. Could someone debug it for me?

Argrow: But not working what do you mean though? because it looks to be working

Riston: Pod that’s cool but Im sorry if I was ***ue, I meant like. only keep one number there as an anchor, or a button or whatever. and when you hover that element, all of those images swap on one place

Riston: Just like in the codepen here

Riston: Like, they are all stacked, and flash by one after one

Riston: I think that’s challenging to do in css, atleast it was for me,, couldnt pull it off

Fissori: Argrow: well. is simpler that we see what folks wish to accomplish, rather than shooting darts in the dark, now if that mockup is what “working” means for you, then you’re kosher

Argrow: Im just taking myself back to basics. ive skimmed by a few years now never really mastering anything, but being able to do a little of everything, with google of course

Fissori: Boogieidm: which one?

Hagmann: Boogieidm: ‘picture is off’? What does that mean?

Ascenzo: The second phone photo. On my browser they all are centered in their colomun except the second one.

Argrow: I’ve gotten very comfortable with server sided programming now, with php, and python and stuff, now I just feel I want to be just as comfortable with front end things, so I dont constantly have to google what I want

Connelley: Boogieidm, “It doesn’t work” doesn’t help. Give a live example or a testcase and be specific about what is wrong and how it should look

Hagmann: Boogieidm: they are all aligned left

Hildring: Argrow: you should read

Pod: Riston, do you have 3 images in per each anchor?

Riston: It’s not my codepen Pod but yeah 3 images is fine

Fissori: Boogieidm: I don’t see any centering. per se, centering vertically? horizontally?

Beadell: It’s made to resize the page on smaller devices. Sorry. You have to make the frame bigger by dragging the little handle on the left. When it’s bigger, the photos and h1+ps will be side by side

Argrow: Bookmarked, thank you

Hagmann: Boogieidm: not sure I understand…

Spacek: All 3 divs are two col-mid-6. phone goes in one col, the h1 and p go in the other. the second phone photo is not centered in its col.

Fissori: Hmmm col-mid-6 smells like bootstrap

Ellebracht: And it’s made with a copy/paste of the other two and they are centered. I cant figure out why it’s not centered in it’s col.

Dokes: Sorry, it is bootstrap

Cutia: I’m still learning to differentiate everything. Learning terminology and such.

Hagmann: Boogieidm: step 1 learn CSS step 2 decide if you want to work with a CSS framework

Vaclavik: Hagmann why the **** are you even here?

Lowa: And then there are css preprocessors and autoprefixer still needed, notably for new things like flexbox :O

Michalski: All you are is a **** every time I’m here.

Favorite: No need for that kind of insult

Pumphrey: He’s telling me I need to learn CSS. I’m trying to and he’s being a smart***.

Favorite: No, hes trying to help you

Hagmann: No, you’re trying to learn how to use a css framework, which is completely different

Favorite: You can’t be effective with bootstrap if you don’t know css well