You can achieve the same.

Simonton: So Firefox only started supporting it since version 37?!

Brzuchalski: Pretty sure that says its always been supported

Ruppel: No one is responding in html or html5

Pamer: If i am generating href=’s with double quotes in them i.e. q=”plamb”

Ferrando: How do i p*** that into the href so it doesnt mess up the outer quotes

Brzuchalski: Use single quotes for one of the pairs

Liquet: So i could use single quotes for the outer quotes

Tobery: Please help me with this

Rebeck: The slideshow, have a blank prev space in the latest carousel:

Masteller: It’s supported opacity for a long time.

Masteller: Click the “show all” button

Tavares: What do you guys consider a reasonable cutoff nowadays in browser support?

Lindgren: Merkazu_: Depends entirely on the audience of the site in question

Isbell: Company employees, both at home and onsite. age range from 15-70, bell curve peaks at ~55

Kotara: If i have headerh5 cl***=”experience-logo”/h5h5./h5/header

Tashima: No prior browser statistics or access logs to go off of

Janitz: How would i “select all h5’s that aren’t cl*** experience-logo”

Mccarl: Header h5 :not.experience-logo ?

Northern: Plamb: Without the space yeah

Stegman: So that would grab the 2nd h5

Bowlds: What if the .experience-logo h5 isnt there

Rubalcave: Merkazu_: Ah no stats, tricky. From that age group I would expect you may have a few wanting it to work on IE8

Ogburn: Http:// Hover on “Punkty” stucks :

Teegarden: Yeah, i’m debating whether it’s worth the h***le for that ~1.45% global coverage

Noles: I know that my application blows up quite badly in 8 because of the CSS being used

Barette: And 8 would also remove the support for websockets iirc

Galante: But css won’t blow up in that

Raimer: Can I use this easier with flexbox? All form labels should be aligned under each other, form fields next to them

Lombard: I delete all flex from top

Broker: Now is:

Vessar: Escuse me Masteller are you there?

Wiklund: Hi, I am building a dropdown menu for 3 levels of depth, and I’m trying to use a parent selector. What I have is .nav ul li ul:hover ul:hover a:hover {background:$grey} but it won’t compile, am I mis-using the parent selector?

Westrich: SimbaLion: we don’t do compiling here

Witthuhn: I am coding in SCSS but my question is a CSS question.

Brzuchalski: SimbaLion: there is no selector

Praml: If it doesn’t compile, you have a syntax error in some other language

Namm: I understand if you can’t help reisio, maybe someone else can

Wactor: I understand if someone else is willing to

Ahlfield: But this is still the wrong channel :

Hascall: Brzuchalski, Really? I found it on a website from 2011 saying it is part of CSS3

Delmas: Yeah I don’t recall ever seeing

Adolphson: Do you know of a parent selector?

Brzuchalski: Parent selector did have a few changes to it thought

Brzuchalski: Theres isnt one currently

Hirth: Https:// :/

Brzuchalski: SimbaLion: you didn’t see the publish date, i suppose ;

Moscaritolo: Well barring a parent selector, what would be the right way to apply styles to the parent ul when someone hovers over a 3rd depth anchor?

Brzuchalski: There isnt a way with css

Dudney: You can achieve the same effect