Yes, that’s a.

Choates: Bprompt, do you have to put the source syntax inline or can you have it in the css?

Terra: Hashtag_, are you talking to me?

Sherer: About the refs thing I mean

Yonkoske: I’m wondering if video cl***=”thisVid” autoplay can have source of the video in the css or if you have to add source “/video.webm” to all the video tags

Averette: Claytonzaugg: nope, has to be in the html markup, I don’t see any css property for it

Parra: Claytonzaugg: on the other hand, you could swoosh around the “src” property in js

Gallups: Claytonzaugg: the question is rather why you want to control this with css anyway

Mangen: Cleaner html really, that’s all

Lougheed: But I can put it in that’s fine

Abbington: Html is for markup/content

Sullivan: The video is quite probably content?

Thissen: Gotcha, content is content. is there a best practice order I should list them? WebM, MP4, OGG, etc?

Strub: Claytonzaugg: depends, I’d use older fomat first, mp4 is older than webm, and I think ogg, is also older than webm. so mp4, ogg, webm possibly

Alnutt: Well. or the other way around

Shapouri: Mp4 + webm is that what I use

Horsch: Claytonzaugg: put the newest format first, if not supported, fallback to older ones

Bugbee: Can a gif be a fallback “video” option or source?

Adlam: Claytonzaugg: if you want support for IE3 and netscape 2.0, sure

Lathan: Gotta support the win95 and 98SE users out there!

Gobern: Claytonzaugg: otherwise, you could simply use an object data=”myvideo.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″ embed src=”myvideo.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″ yo, what the ****ens? /embed /object safely

Burtman: Lol thanks bprompt, I’ll keep that syntax just in case!

Marze: Claytonzaugg: don’t forget DOS. ASCII fallback?

Hood: Hmm, I think Commodore64 would be a great cut off point for support. What do you think?

Rybczyk: Sounds like a good plan

Bennerman: Gents quick question i need two chevron icons on each side of the header but to stay in the middle when screen goes to mobile too

Veneman: Okay, these are getting harder to misinterpret. “Gents”?

Banaszak: Gentlemen as in Gents

Merales: Bprompt, is there anything other than source src=”video.webm” type=”video/webm”/ that i need to do? It seems to not skip past this if it doesn’t accept webm files

Veneman: Yes, i know what it means. i’m trying to misinterpret it as something that doesn’t imply there are no women here. but anyway

Devitis: T-Rex_, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Bomstad: Claytonzaugg: should, got url?

Why: Can’t unfortunately, let me troubleshoot through this

Hill: Hi, im confused by something – in the mobile emulator in chrome, text seems to resize itself relative to its container, whereas on normal desktop mode it does not

Kellywood: Is this something all mobile browsers do or something?

Kearney: Https://

Blessett: So i need it like this but the issue here appears same if i put icons on before and after pseudo when i am on mobile it drops down to a new line if there are few lines of text

Veneman: T-Rex_: text-align: center doesn’t work?

Hust: Http://

Neiswander: Reduce the size of the window

Carther: And you will see right chevron drop down

Hale: I need both of those chevrons in the middle at all time of the header

Veneman: T-Rex_: – text-align center doesn’t work?

Akoni: Https://

Veneman: Yes, that’s a picture