Yes, out of

Carol: Do u use letter-spacing

Stampley: Should i use letter-spacing

Brodzik: Am i disrespecting the creator of the font if i use it

Calvillo: Pikaren: If you think you need it then yes

Calvillo: Pikaren: Also, the font creators I’m sure don’t care

Zastawny: I find bigger spacing more readable

Calvillo: Pikaren: It’s subjective, but if you feel that way, then try it out

Butman: But sure you should use letter-spacing if you find it usefull

Borrell: Hello. Can anyone tell me please why the nav ul li ul will not align center of the parent, or if so, how?

Heidebrink: Hi, why isnt the a in the last li red here ?

Beseke: VectorX: first off : div#id = bad

Kindrick: Swander i didnt have that before added since it wasnt working to see if that helped

Canete: VectorX:

Maulin: Https://

Stinar: VectorX: usually :*** or tag#id is bad

Lunstrum: Swander well i can get it to work with last-of-type, but why isnt last-child working ?

Shores: VectorX: did you read the link I sent you ?

Dibattista: VectorX: feel from to ask me if you don’t understand something

Milbourn: Swander its not making much sense, coz i only have li in the ul, and last-child should select the last li

Saide: Swander hmm ok i see what the issue is

Carlton: There was obviously a div as the last child

Girard: VectorX: so a:last-child matches nothing

Schamp: Should i use col-lg-1 in li to make my navbar appear exactly like this ?

Geimer: Or something, but I think that is a bootstrap specific thing

Artmann: Scot, no one is answering there, thats why i asked here

Shellum: Dro__ i never used those bootstrap columns, but I think you can put as many cols as you want, as long as all of them sum 12

Leffew: Dro__ in that screen, there are 12 equally sized columns, so I guess it’s just 12 instances of col-lg-1

Roudabush: Scot, do you think its correct to use col-lg* in a li ?

Bergquist: I’m not sure, I’m new to css, and haven’t deal with flexboxes/grid columns and so on

Pacquin: Can anyone tell me please why the nav ul li ul will not align center of the parent, or if so, how?

Calvillo: Jhine: It is centered technically, but your padding and border radius offsets this

Calvillo: Well, at least aligned

Calvillo: Jhine: Let’s try subtracting the offset from the left margin

Calvillo: Jhine: Maybe like margin-left:calc-100% / 2;

Codde: Calvillo: That works well until my parent li is rather long

Doersam: Http://

Martinetti: I have a button i changed the font on it, now the has added a what looks like margin-top

Caporale: If I have some html like: bsome text here/bspan id=”blah”text/spanis there some way from the span I can get the b element?

Brzuchalski: No, can’t select backwards

Reckling: Hey guys does anyone know if theres any way to take advantage of the free services like amazon’s AWS or anything similar to setup a private area for free webhosting?

Sammut: Im tired of going to these “Free webhosts” then after i get a little “pet page” established the network gets DoS’d and im out of business

Delorenzo: Wtflux: maybe you should stop trying to host your business on free webhosts

Lapere: I said it was a pet page, did you read the whole question?

Anelli: As in a toy page, not a serious or commercial web site

Whiten: Yes, out of idiom.meaning out of comission, 404, etc.