Yes, one could load in a.

Reimann: Rabenhorst: complex stuff, I cannot influence the markup to style but it must be :after of the child element because the child element is clickable

Reimann: Where summary is the toggling element

Dittberner: What are you really trying to do? Not what you’ve asked about here, but in general?

Reimann: I got a button on the bottom of a details element which is the :after of the summary element inside.

Reimann: When the summary element is clicked, the thing expands/collapses

Reimann: So the only way to make a button at the bottom that controls this, is to make it an :after element of summary

Reimann: I can move that thing to the bottom as intended – but it should be inside the summary element, not outside of it

Reimann: Hm, I guess this is not easily possible, the height of the :afte relement must be known or the extra text wrapped into a div and forced being a block or something like that

Reimann: But flexbox in something exotic like a summary tag.

Cesari: Reimann, yeah I think you’re going to have to do something less weird or do some sort of known-height thing. If the button as you wish to call it is always one line of text and so on, set a line-height and ensure it has a known font-size and you can use that for the calculated height on parent padding, et.c

Grunden: Wish I didn’t have to support IE 8-10 at work though

Cerqueira: It probably wont’ do what you want since your :after will be a child of the summary, not the details.

Reimann: Rabenhorst: yes, known font-size and height in REM – though I use font-size + line-height with modular scale and breakpoints :/ I would have to add a mixin/helper that adds the property stepped by breakpoints the same way.

Bendick: Does anyone know if it’s safe/okay to have multiple PDO connections at the same time to the same database?

Silverstone: How is that a css question?

Goodaker: Silverstone: trolling is his hobby, been doing that kind of crap on a lot of channels I’m on.

Silverstone: Rcyr: shhh, you’ll spoil it!

Askegren: Milk_base: if not, either pdo or your db is utter crap

Busico: Moldy: lol, extremely true.

Daisley: Reimann,

Reimann: Daisley: not bad – but one has to specify the 0.6em as height, as known fixed height of the footer element

Reimann: Hm, translate approach, interesting

Borsos: Http://

Reimann: Just flew over the article, must say it is a nice one

Reimann: Especially the explanation, bootstrapitis and alike

Reimann: Sadly the customer don’t care R

Kamphoefner: Ask any graphic designer to make a webdesign without any knowledge of css and you’ll have to say “nope, we cant do that”

Reimann: Hehe, I know what you mean. I took the challenge and after many weeks I really got some web design that got closely to the DTP template

Bucek: Flash really wasn’t so bad

Asel: Except that it kinda ****ed

Reimann: The worst except for all the others

Deschepper: This might open some doors though,

Reimann: Btw, I used susy2 for cl***ic grids, now I use flexbox where I can

Reimann: End of css is coming! :O

Jewett: It still translates to css though, its javascript after all

Reimann: Right, it has to use the limited api the browser exposes

Reimann: I mean, one could also write a full thing that just uses canvas and javascript instead.

Reimann: Shumway is such a thing that takes swf to browser natively

Tudela: Canvas is pretty much svg on steroids, right?

Reimann: Canvas offers a -canvas- to draw and blit on pixel level

Reimann: Yes, one could load in a svg, p**** it with _javascript_ independent from the actual browser