Yea, first line is always.

Wildenberg: Im top to bottom when it comes to elements

Campolo: Topt obottom, left to right

Balasa: Https://

Zamzow: I also seem to start with width height first, then fonts, then position and paddings

Bracey: Cant no1 tell me why my website has a ‘sweet spot’ where the footer overlaps tho smh so i leaked the other template last night

Balasa: I always go from outside to inside

Barko: Thanx Balasa, i will give that a read


Emberley: If you manually resize

Nau: It will jump at about 110%-125%

Barkalow: Looks like in most places, or maximized I believe though

Balasa: Because your footer is absolutely positioned

Coonse: This is a template obv – so that needs to be. fixed?

Balasa: Fixed as in position:fixed?

Balasa: Position: fixed wouldn’t help

Luben: Its always looked right on my screen. so ok.

Balasa: Why are you positioning it?

Lazzar: I didnt even think position was declared?

Cappelletti: Http://

Balasa: If you leave it at the default position: static, it looks fine on all screen sizes

Reph: It went further bottom

Balasa: If you don’t know why it went further bottom, you should probably brush up on your css knowledge a bit

Mclafferty: I do get it its absolute its floating to me? its fixed its stuck, and static to me is like

Firoozbakht: If thats a way to put it?

Gaut: Ima google itbut i say like a nothing postiion lmao the extra one ahah

Koepper: An element with position: static; is not positioned in any special way; it is always positioned according to the normal flow of the page:

Okumura: An element with position: static; is not positioned in any special way; it is always positioned according to the normal flow of the page:

Minari: But it also says HTML elements are static by default?

Balasa: Static is the default

Macky: So why would I have to declare static? Have I over writen it somewhere prior orsomething?

Balasa: You wouldn’t have to if you got rid of the position: absolute on the footer

Oberman: Its equivelant to it not being there

Casley: Now i see why you asked why Im even positioning it

Franeo: What a simple *** fix omg now its fine

Vilardo: Loll Ive asked it so many times never realized position was even declared thats what had me stumped

Rawi: Wow, I did not expect a css discussion to exist. any chance someone could help me to work out what I’ve messed up on my second html+css thing ever? tl;dr getting head start on my course, trying to make something to house all materials for my module. but I broke the formatting to all the content is below the buttons

Simonetty: Feels ya! I was delighted! aha

Buttaccio: But I used discussion like 10 years ago

Tylwalk: Http://

Bevil: It looks ridiculously long but it’s just because I’m using sample text and laid it out really. long

Heuer: Se once, unlike div cl***.–

Balasa: Thescatman: can’t have comments before the doctype

Corkins: If anyone could look at it and tell me how I messed up I think it’s just 1 line I’d be super grateful

Eskra: Unlike a cl*** period in that case not just div but yeah period

Majeau: I thought that was the syntax

Balasa: Well, it is, in a way

Winzenried: Naw FIRST line is always doctype to me? correct me if im wrong

Girouard: Http://

Balasa: Yea, first line is always doctype