Wrong channel. dammit,.

Colletti: Currently I have header/header with height: 100%; padding: 20% 0 20% 0; margin: auto; but it ends up 100%

Asamoah: It’s height: 100%; padding: 20% 0 20% 0; text-align: center;

Pottkotter: Rubenwardy paste ur code in jsbin

Mcquaide: I’ve worked a bit of it out, but it’s not precisely centered

Lineberry: Https://jsbin.com/fepopakite#

Leck: Https://jsbin.com/fepopakit

Blanch: Https://jsbin.com/fepopakite

Mcgriff: Rubenwardy what is it taht you want to do?

Catanzaro: I want the content in header to be centered full page

Boie: So regardless of the screensize, it should be in the center

Kerkman: And the user can then scroll down

Cieslik: Seems to be in center

Noun: It’s using padding-top: 20%;

Ziccardi: Which means it’s unresponsive

Rhodus: Seems to work well for me

Podgurski: It works well enough, I just want it to be perfect 😀

Barmes: Someone mind giving me a hand here? http://codepen.io/anon/pen/zvBqjY

Agner: Hold on a tick, sorry

Tanks: Okay, the #pageContent section there should be white but for whatever reason, the .pageContainer’s green is still showing

Center: I’ve been hard refreshing this on my web server several times now and it only shows up if i do inline style

Letterman: Logically, it should show up from the css alone because ids are more specific than cl***es, no?

Bady: Div id=”#pageContent” cl***=”col-sm-10″ line 9

Arismendez: Should be div id=”pageContent” cl***=”col-sm-10″

Albee: Wow, that was idiotic

Glancy: Too much jquery on the brains

Philipson: Can someone say why width/max-width isn’t affecting the buttons? http://i.imgur.com/Y5JlRjw.png

Gilder: I have a super hd image that I’m trying to use on my website. 2 others I’m using are scaled down to 1920×1080 but this one when I use it on the page, becomes obscured. It’s like you’re looking at the subject of the picture through a magnifying gl***. Any way I can do something about it

Wootten: Scaled DOWN to 1080p ?

Bollin: I hope you’re doing some responsive imaging there

Morvay: Drej I resampled the image to 1080 and actually, I’m not doing anything responsive right now

Bailado: Redesigned my website: http://rubenwardy.com/

Hasstedt: Only that page, I haven’t done any others

Kolbeck: Rubenwardy: Not much to comment on

Balcer: I keep having a blue border arround this link, however i used outline: none; a href=”javascript:void0″ cl***=”opener” style=”font-size: 12px; color: orange; outline: none;”Voer maandbedrag in /a

Kritz: It’s very minimalistic

Grunwald: Rubenwardy: Some may miss the menu starting off screen, there’s very little contrast for the arrow that indicates such

Pipho: Can someone say why width/max-width isn’t affecting the buttons? http://i.imgur.com/Y5JlRjw.png

Palumbo: Fixed it globally in css

Poitras: Strange it wouldnt work inline there

Byous: Jordy: The default value for overflow is visible: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/overflow

Corder: Russek, oh, should I set it to hidden then?

Stelb: Jordy: It depends on what you were wanting it to look like, they’d no longer be visible past 200px. They wouldn’t shrink to fit though

Shill: So that the buttons won’t continue all the way, a restricted box manipulated by width.

Zents: That buttons get placed under the other button

Krukiel: Returning Json when the form submission is done and the stupid thing prints the Json data to the browser. can’t understand why

Duttweiler: Think I’m missing something

Mosconi: Wrong channel. dammit, sorry