Wingert you very much did..

Shepperd: Claytonzaugg: Not at all

Fissori: Claytonzaugg: they do not require any to function at all

Bertsche: Oka, then what cause one to work and the other not to work?

Woodert: Claytonzaugg, In order to help, we need a URL to the live site or a testcase that demonstrates the problem. Please don’t make us log in or create accounts. See paste for paste sites

Wolfinger: Both same cl***, same everything, just different locations

Condi: Right, what are they supposed to do though

Echternach: Make a little testcase, lets see this

Wingert: You cant do text-align on the parent.thats means the text will also be centered

Wingert: I dont think he wants that

Lupo: If you’re refering to me Wingert, no, I don’t.

Fissori: Wingert: it was a copy/paste from a bootstrap template, to add injury to insult, in case you missed it =, the issue being, he dunnos css, which is why some folks and I said what we said

Wingert: Just wrap the image in center/center tags

Fissori: Or use a few spacer ‘s =P

Leif: Boogieidm: ?

Verduzco: Is this what we’ve been trying to do?

Yellock: No, it was not a copy paste from a bootstrap template. I made the first column and then copy and pasted it twice because I needed three. That’s why it makes no sense for it to be off centered when the other two aren’t/

Wingert: Listen to me.wrap that image in center tags

Wingert: It will be centered afterwards

Yeldon: Don’t listen to this guy

Matchette: Oka, it’s still off centered on my screen.

Fissori: One may note center has been deprecated since a decade or so

Fissori: Thus the “deprecated” status

Fissori: Browsers let it be for now, for legacy-code purposes, yes, they do the same with font and a few others, but tthat’s just legacy, no standards

Kisiel: Guess I don’t understand what part of this needs to be centered.

Wingert: With the image on the right side

Giliberto: Https:// Oka, this img is centered in its column.

Fissori: Actaully. center has been deprecated. let’s see hmmm gotta be around 15years or so, pretty much around when html4.01 came out, yeap, just checked, since 1998

Bernsen: Https:// In this image, The img is too close to the text and not centered in its column.

Hagmann: You can use text-align to control the alignment of inline content

Hagmann: But there’s likely a bootstrap way of doing it using some cl*** or something

Pod: Can someone alert me , when user Riston is back, or copy him this link? :

Rameres: Is the use of bootstrap generally frowned upon in the CSS community?

Padberg: Only when you’re jerking in a circle

Replin: All these “pros” in here and no one said text-align:center.

Novitski: Boogieidm: please refrain from inappropriate sexual language

Fissori: Boogieidm: text-align: center; only works in certain elements with certain behaviour, thus

Iversen: How can i have the menu links at the top too?

Fersner: Like, why do all of you guys actually come here? Just to talk about CSS? You should remove the “Need help?” Section of the header in here. I’ve come here multiple time with a question just to be made fun of.

Nedry: No one ever helps. They make fun of you until it gets old and then they make a mild attempt.

Filbert: I dont want a margin between the menu and the top. so it should be margin 0 like the header text at the left

Budke: Boogieidm, people have always responded helpfully whenever I asked a question

Pearce: Wingert you very much did. But then you said you fixed it and didn’t tell me how exactly.