Why don’t you put the bird.

Maze: How can i get the green div to be the same size as the inner div? http://jsfiddle.net/rrjd15od/

Lodrigue: Bombo, this is the sollution with float : http://jsfiddle.net/rrjd15od/1/

Negrette: Hi! I have a weird question. So basically I use jquery+sorttable for sorting tables. I made a script that adds a new row below the clicked row and adds some text, but if I sort the table with sorttable then the dynamic row goes who knows where. One solution if its possible is to add the row in a different way. So, is it possible to add a “table row” without using tr but it looks like a row?

Lodrigue: Div style=’display: table-row;’/div it equals to tr

Stalberger: Lodrigue: hmm yes, but i need the position: stuff for javascript/css magic

Lodrigue: Bombo, what type of magic?

Wendeln: Lodrigue: please hold the line ;

Zipf: Lodrigue: this: http://jsfiddle.net/rrjd15od/5/

Lodrigue: Bombo, the #ad1 width is constant ?

Kelp: Lodrigue: what if not?

Keicher: Lodrigue: ok i could just set a fixed height for .outter and

Giannone: If it’s not possible to do that dynamically

Lodrigue: Actually the parent height is zero if you use absolute for childer.

Lodrigue: I’m playing with it :

Chalender: Yes thats the problem, but setting .outter { height: 100px; . } and #adN too would be a workaround

Lodrigue: If the width is constant for #ad1 by float here is the result : http://jsfiddle.net/rrjd15od/6/

Nozick: Ok i’m playing too, but i’m pretty out of ideas ;/

Ovall: All videos are crashing : http://www.css3.info/free-css3-video-tutorials/

Amirian: How to defined -ms-filter?

Brezenski: Becuase it doesn’t understand definitions as -webkit-filter does

Lodrigue: Bombo, http://jsfiddle.net/rrjd15od/7/ without javascript :

Pavlich: I’m building up template here: http://vezejai.tk/static/

Bessey: Seems that one image is not affected by filter

Hausladen: Its those 5 clickable icons

Gorzynski: Lodrigue: next: get rid of fixed width ;

Lodrigue: I’m going to dentist now, be back later :

Naqvi: Lodrigue: css3 magic, that animate part isn’t it

Mientka: Lodrigue: thx for the help!

Borom: I found a trick to address my weird SVG transition problem from earlier

Borom: I set the svg’s fill to currentColor so i wasn’t really transitioning it at all

Borom: So the transition on color takes care of everything with no freaky delay

Botti: I have this issue, Is it related to css layout, or something else, I need to know just keywords to search and learn about the problem:

Littmann: Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32497503/rtl-words-mixed-with-english-words-in-comments-messages

Boutte: Ahmed__: i guess you’ll have to provide code and demonstration

Warr: Code of what back-end or front-end?

Gorsline: Ahmed__: of whatever demonstrates the problen

Steenburgh: Ahmed__: maybe on http://jsfiddle.net

Liquet: Ahmed__: as small as possible

Teti: The code is inside a project, I can’t just copy past becuase I need to write a simple project from scratch to demonstrate the problem

Longden: Is it possible to insert something like br or cr in CSS ?

Carel: Ahmed__: yes thats probably what you’ll have to do

Steveson: Dubis: Yes, you can use CSS to insert HTML if necessary though not a great idea usually, or more likely you can use normal CSS properties to achieve the gap you’re after

Berish: Bombo: ok, I will try

Mckasson: Ahmed__: or find someone with a crystal ball ;

Hysong: Is it possible to put a div on top of the bird image and let it follow the img size and pos ?

Mcken: Http://jsfiddle.net/5qhfu9zo/12/

Settimo: Why don’t you put the bird image in a div instead?