When you enlarge the div by.

Hamlin: I cant get it to work when i remove/add a cl***

Fenton: Aro: stick an example up on codepen

Fenton: Aro: but the idea would be, stick a transition on both cl***es

Bybee: Fenton: perhaps there are css tricks that can do the job.

Housten: Yeah i did try that. it makes my header bar disappear for 1s

Pennimpede: Aro, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Yelin: Http://app.digital2go.com

Montesdeoca: Click on the little 3 bars at the top left

Farm: To collapse the sidenav

Sporle: Thats what i want to animate

Fenton: Aro: so…where is the animation?

Kuykendall: There isnt any! i cant get it to work

Fenton: Aro: one idea http://codepen.io/Fenton/pen/bVzBqq

Fenton: I tried to simplify it as much as possible

Ransom: Ive never seen that syntax before

Cordel: Can you apply transitions to left margin?

Vanmiddleswor: I have no idea how to

Fenton: Aro: refresh that URL

Fenton: Aro: tools like codepen are great for experimenting – you should just tinker

Duka: So i am really close, but now it has a flash of displaying the content that should be hidden before its finished animating

Coto: Can you refresh my page

Steckman: How do you prevent two elements from overlapping eachother when the window scales down?

Travino: Aro: hm what if one element is set by % and the other isnt?

Shifley: Then you will have to use margins

Houten: Gkwhc, by what method did you position them or leave them in the flow such that they overlap when the width is too small?

Berta: Is there a good tutorial on css setting container sizes? im frustrated with a child div height extending beyond the parent height to grandparent height.

Palubiak: Parent { overflow: auto; }

Bonne: I’d rather just read about it and understand how it works

Brogden: Gkwhc: have to link to some code

Lozano: Probably you’ve applied ‘position’ to it

Meenan: When you click arrowIcon there is no space between i add displaydifferent in js side. But how can i set space between button i tried margin-left, wordspacing. No chance. Any suggestion here http://jsfiddle.net/u1pdhk8c/203/

Stoeke: Hellyeah: use arrow: auto 0

Marca: Reisio: what do you mean what did i do?

Volland: Reisio, the interface uses font sizes in. points? but saves them out with a different value and a pixel unit. I mean that’s the latest thing I’ve found I don’t like, anyway.

Haigh: AMcBain: possibly, you’ll have to keep in mind that SVG itself has a lot of idiotic standards

Krystofiak: Well I’d just like that what I use in the UI is the same saved out so that I can edit it there if I like.

Kattner: And some things are UI stupidness all by themselves. If you enter a value in to something like the letter spacing box it divides it out for you or whatever. so you can’t ever remember what you put in.

Kees: I do recall some things like that

Caparelli: It’s far better on Unix, though

Desrosiers: Why is my copy so old. I swear I upgraded it at some point.

Verdi: Can someone help me out?

Masucci: Ok, I definitely need to update. Theres some things in here I’d use.

Vukovich: Yeah 0.9 is a biiiggg update

Swingen: Still haven’t properly audited it

Probus: But it looked like they really put in some work

Pap: When you enlarge the div by clicking arrow icon. There is no space between buttons i am adding displaydifferent cl*** in js and i set something in line 74 css side. But no chance can you givew me tips about how i can put space between buttons. http://jsfiddle.net/u1pdhk8c/208/