When you click “Play video”.

Strandberg: No, i wouldnt host a commercial site on a free host, i just need somethign reliable until i can get the pet page off the ground

Bland: And the free hosts work fine until i get the page up and running and then it gets DoS’d and im stuck

Dobin: I was hoping with all the “cloud” buzzwords that everyones throwing around these days that a VPS or something similar maybe even way less than a VPS would be free for use for non-commercial sites

Pass: Amazon has some offering that is ludicrously cheap and kind of pay-by-the-byte, IIRC

Abatti: Which can be scaled up to something expensive, IIRC

Fruge: Amazon wants your money, any sum of it

Adas: Wanting money at any sum, that is

Rayno: Especially when it basically costs you nothing to collect that sum

Borthwick: Yeah, i am researching them but their offerings scare me away at the sheer volume and name of them, i dont know what to make of it

Kelter: I wish they had one that said VPS with linux LAMP or w/e do people even use LAMP anymore?

Struble: Wait till you see a charge being offered before you get worried

Zampedri: I’m sure it’s all ***uely LAMPy on amazon

Chhabra: It’s going to be Unix, it’s going to have Apache or something comparable

Morse: And something like or the same as M & P, too

Manifold: Ok, and hopefully its all managed so i dont actually have to set anything up?

Davies: Https://www.nearlyfreespeech.net/ is what I use, it’s real cheap and pay-by-the-byte, too

Larson: Great for low traffic sites

Robillard: NFS was actually my 2nd choice

Szumigala: Couldn’t say about high

Obbink: Nfs is about as mom & pop as an online service gets, which is nice

Nohe: Easy to wrap your head around

Roddenberry: Hey. Anyone know if I can set text position in a block that has img also in it. So I want the texts to be placed in to those drops https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30478113/html/test/index.html

Portales: Or is my only chance to embed the text to those link images

Klasing: I’m pretty wary of services that advertize what you should expect from any service as some kind of special feature

Dipasquale: Https://github.com/szhu/3030

Stancombe: If i have a p with text inside a .container bootstrap it SHOULD NEVER leak out right

Paluck: Uhm it could ‘leak out’ for any number of reasons

Grosland: Like literally dozens

Montesi: How can I put a div on top of its sibling, and set the w and h to be the same? i’ll then want to spin it atop the sibling

Ehlman: Bonsoir à tous / Hello everybody

Iredale: Aide CSS en français, formation en live gratuite / Help in CSS in english

Iredale: Tell me django_, let see

Habibi: Lukia: i have a p with lotssssssssss of text with no space.i need to stay inside the container

Iredale: With no space ? what it means ? like a plain text : dffjshfdsjklfshfkjdhdkjshfskghriuehriuhi ?

Iredale: I need to know what result you want to too

Overgaard: Lukia: http://pasteboard.co/Okb4ngq.png

Daguerre: Https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/coNZKJQ1/

Iredale: Try a word-wrap: break-word;

Iredale: It will break the plenty text to the next line

Iredale: And be sure your p is a block, with a width even in %, it could be more secure

Iredale: Does it work django_ ?

Iredale: But why put Raimer words without space on the same line Oo

Preato: Lukia: ask intagram users

Iredale: So you have to p**** this line when you want to create or react to click ?

Iredale: I thought about JS event

Covarrubias: When you click “Play video” on https://fi.google.com/about/ how does that video reveal animation work?