When i click on.

Mccomber: I need to style this http://pastie.org/10419814

Suleiman: I have no idea how. because I **** at design

Como: Just wondering if there’s a tool or somethign : I don’t know I’m pretty much stuck

Olliff: Felishia: not a css issue it seems though =, but tools wise, I’d say. PageMaker or Adobe Illustrator, or some other DTP package :

Arbaugh: Even pencil and paper works

Radon: Bprompt, actually I wrote some css code, but the design ****s so bad :p the thing is that I wrote a new JS library

Queros: I’ve got a video actually

Parrow: Be ready for awful UI/UX/design

Johannesen: Https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_RekWRI2TgIb3pwR1htT0RBNDQ/view?usp=sharing

Manfra: Felishia: from the looks of the code, can’t quite one tell what all that is, components wise

Schneidman: Bprompt, no no the video. 😮

Sitzler: Felishia: ahemm.so.what’s the design issue again? I mean, what is it? who’s the market audience? why would anyone see or read it?

Tessitore: Bprompt, concept wise regarding the js code it’s really good. the structure is clear and works properly

Verona: Hmm Felishia that sounds very abstract though :

Vaness: The issue is that it doesn’t look appealing because the audience is supposed to be the general non technical public

Arcia: However the example I’m showing is the builder so it’s a lot more complex

Pippenger: And looks quite awful :

Wheller: I’m rendering that into phone devices. it’s gunna ****

Taomoto: Felishia: well, if Joesixpacks goes to that page. what can he expect to see? why would he ever bothered looking at that page?

Rucker: Regarding the video tag, what could cause autoplay to not work, but loop would?

Aguada: No no it’s general. it’s an input generator

Kerfoot: Say you’re a developer of a website

Luffy: And you need certain structure of json to populate some data

Ruhling: Such structure may be variable and may be created by other people. like in a game

Hodgdon: So how do you ask for input, you’d not want the person to say hey. put your JSON here

Trejo: You want to create input fields for that. you can generate a so many types of inputs that you can generate a general json input

Crye: Where you can input anything and expect. always. valid json

Luepke: You can even make it a group of questions.

Golderer: Felishia: so. is a json – html converter?

Lean: Bprompt, and viceversa

Ransom: With multilingual support

Edel: Felishia: sounds still too. abstract

Sistrunk: It will generate as required inputs so that you can have a json {“isCat”:true} or {“isCat”:false}

Breitling: Obviously it’ll just make a checkbox

Sticklen: Hehe, not obvious enough =

Wiggens: Is it so hard to get?

Vehrs: The first json structure is called a standard, it’s an standard that defines how the json must be defined, in the first case it is “isCat” must be a boolean

Mcmurtrey: And it cannot be null

Anselm: One could do boolean states in a select or a radio button as well, or even a progress slider

Rabel: I know but I needed a simple way to represent that, actually I used a checkbox and with CSS I made it a slider as you can see

Kimmey: So when I say in js stuff.getJSON I get {isCat:true} or {isCat:false}

Bertrum: And I can do the same for several languages

Sinning: Just by changing the __name, __lang and __description values these are the only locale-specific

Maine: Hmmm sounds more like an IDE utility, but I’m afraid. I don’t see the need for many buttons if it’s just a json – html converter

Vandeman: When i click on compatibility mode, on IE, and the button goes blue, on the address bar, the website is all distorted. How can I force the compatibility mode from doing anything