What’s the last enduring.

Walson: No, it’s different from what I am looking for

Soucy: The images are the same but they have different brightness

Pam: R00dkc4b_, if the picture with the fade has it built in png or something then you can do it. Otherwise I can’t think of a good way to do that, unless SVG has a filter for it.

Pam: Linear-gradients can provide a fade to a color, but not fade to transparent if applied on top of a background and opacity is the same across the entire element.

Steff: For example, i took a picture of a sunset where the sky is properly exposed. When sky is properly exposed, the foreground is dark.

Hutmacher: I was thinking of using css filter

Lampitt: Https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/filter don’t know if it can manipulate the image’s fading

Ogans: I wish I have photoshop on this machine so I can show it. Yes, we can use png but I was hoping if I can do it everything in browser

Convery: I was thinking of making an application where I can upload 2 pics and the app will combine both

Conness: The lower pic being unmodified and the top with css filters

Pam: R00dkc4b_, Photoshop? Just install GIMP. It ****s, but it’s free! Well ok. It doesn’t **** as bad as Inkscape.

Deglow: I know GIMP and it’s hard to use 😀

Cronce: Yeah, inscape is so bad too

Pam: I’ve figured out how to get by in Inkscape. I do manual editing by hand in between.

Pam: Anyway, that’s what I meant about the SVG filter. If you can find one that does what you want you can pull it in via CSS.

Pam: Biggest ****ty thing in Inkscape is that the y axis is upside down on Windows.

Agonoy: It’s merely a different app

Pam: No, it’s just annoying.

Heingartner: Pam: no that’s everywhere, IIRC

Pam: R00dkc4b_, you know, you could Canvas.

Getz: It’s an SVG thing, isn’t it?

Fretwell: It is ****ing annoying and stupid, though

Tyndall: I’d still rather use Inkscape than Illustrator or anything else, however

Pam: What, Inkscape? It can write out things other than SVG, though its default is to write out really awful SVG. You can ask it to write out cleaner SVG.

Pam: I liked Illustrator when I tried a long while ago. I just don’t like Adobe’s Creative Cloud thing and pricing.

Greenrose: I personally prefer illustrator. but before its SVG export. be ready to open your editor to fix shi.

Arabia: Well, it does more than ordinary SVG, so yeah

Pam: Well the problem is if I bought Creative Cloud which, no or Corel’s offering forget the name; maybe would buy, I’d give up working in SVG. I don’t really need SVG, just EPS or DXF.

Pam: My output is used for laser cutting, rather than the web. :

Descamps: But only because people wrote EPS readers for things that can save to SVG :p

Nugal: No really, vectors are vectors :p

Nott: But SVG actually has some web browser support

Pam: Well yeah. If I wanted to show my stuff on the web SVG is the way to go.

Mori: Where’re you showing your stuff?

Claeys: And by gay I mean lame, not ****sexual

Saraf: Sorry was helping someone

Stieber: What’d be the point, after all, of calling something the act of buggery

Pam: Reisio, I think I was in a dev session once with some people and one of the guys on the team was from the UK originally and so someone else hit an error and said “bugger” the other guy mentioned “you know, that probably doesn’t mean what you think it does.”

Hanry: Eh, it’s slang in the UK, too

Kempt: UKers can go bugger themselves

Pavella: Unless they’re hot women, then I’ll help

Hurtig: I do envy them their slang, though

Beu: Slang is comparatively dead in the USA

Kosakowski: What’s the last enduring slang the USA has come up with.