What container issue are.

Cunha: How did you know it was 11px?

Pollet: Wfpkhc, Chrome: https://developer.chrome.com/devtools :: Firefox: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools :: Safari: http://bit.ly/1rivUXd :: IE: http://bit.ly/1qbxkT5

Hernandaz: Facebook is so well designed

Eddins: I used my inspector tool

Ebinger: Im trying to find out the width/height of this button here – “unlock .” http://autolotto.com/4

Roden: But i dont see it in dev tools

Kaszinski: Facebook must have some amazing css engineers

Stumfoll: Nevermind, computed tab is useful ;

Dunnings: K – i use web developer plugin

Tanksley: Yep, well i wouldn’t know where to begin pulling out the relevant parts for you to look at

Crear: Eddins, actually scratch that i just needed to actually think about it haha

Bitsko: Will get something up for you to look at asap

Stickrod: Thank you for your help i will try and see if the % worked

Pingel: Tejasmanhoar: i saw autolottoa at launch festival

Keele: The 11px is no good Selvvir

Kapphahn: Http://i.imgur.com/5srj0HU.png

Heglin: As per thsi screen shot

Eddins: The text is the same size now. So now you need to adjust line-height/padding to match the inputs

Eddins: Wfpkhc: but, if you are using a to trigger JS you’re doing it wrong – button exists to do that

Odmark: Thank you for your input, but I am not doing it wrong, js is allowed to tripper alerts – but why would i need to adjust line heights and padding to match a submit button – surely the same size should match other parts?

Eddins: Wfpkhc: I”m sorry, but you are. Use a button for JS triggers like this

Eddins: Use a if you are linking to something a page or a fragment

Woytowich: I am doing that but for the purpose of styling – im using an alert

Eddins: You can style a button however you like

Razzano: And Eddins you are wrong – want to know why? because the W3C specification allows for onclick – if it was not allowed, then the specification would not allow it

Kellough: So no-one has an idea as to why the 2 extra pixels are happening

Christiansen: And it has nothing to do with font-size

Duane: Is there a GUI background urlimg transform tool

Kolsrud: Dont juse background transpfors fullstack

Geeting: They are not properly supported yet by browsers

Doswell: They are still in the browser hack

Cobert: See http://autolotto.com/5. linked ***et- http://3k94pi1oi13111517y2dddt3.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/themes/divi-child/style.css?ver=

Duane: Its a phonegap app. its android chrome webview

Brattin: Span.apsl-icon-block { width: 313px; height: 50px; }

Stormes: Div not span kill me.

Subich: Well, this is frustrating

Fadness: In my css i have height: 100%;

Neifert: Load the page and the attribute doesn’t load

Schaff: I add it to the style inthe browser and the image shows

Susi: Derp, figured out that one

Swearegene: Hello CSSers, a cl***mate just sent his page to me and I am working on cleaning things up for him. Stuff was strewn all over the place and I have cleaned up a bunch. However, I am trying to figure out why on the main container it both the form page one I made and the services page one he made are coming up with different widths. They are both set to 960 in the css file.

Swearegene: Http://Swearegene.com:8080/services/services.html

Eddins: Swearegene: if your friend is a student, tell him/her to update textbooks. center is dead & buried

Swearegene: Yes I am well aware. This is an HTML & CSS cl***. He should of read that. It’s things like this that I am cleaning up.

Eddins: Http://validator.w3.org/check?verbose=1&uri=http://Swearegene.com:8080/services/services.html

Vliem: What container issue are you having bruh