What are they on now .

Oveson: Marrenarre: Ahh yes, inefficiency wastes time, sorry. So does apologizing, sorry.

Marchel: Marrenarre: The reason I asked is I need to share my site in order to explain but I didn’t want to share it in the main channel.

Cronan: DubstepCraig: Do you think you could provide a testcase?

Bradigan: DubstepCraig, a pared-down testcase is a page that isolates the problem with the minimum required markup, styling and scripting. See paste for services that easily let you create such testcases for others to see.

Schummer: Marrenarre: I suppose, yes :

Robbert: Lemondom any possible way actually, i didn’t think of particular implementation, just an overall idea

Kerbow: Hey guys! Should a menu list be done using divs or ulli ? I’m leaning towards div and have heard divs should be used for most structure. Any thoughts?

Linsey: Kerbow: I’d use a table if I need to list things like price.

Dyer: Kerbow if you call something a list, it should be a list. so li

Dornfeld: But if you want call them menu items, it could be treated as div or any other elements

Meray: Kerbow it all depends on how your menu will actually look like

Riegel: Take for example semantic ui – it does menu both as div elements and as a list

Caccamise: Depending on what the user wants to achieve

Vliem: There’s always the alternative of simply using styled a elements

Landey: After all you’ll want the whole boxes clickable anyways

Fagundo: It doesn’t matter in my opinion. what matters is your convenience as the developer

Hatch: And how this style will relate to the rest of your css, so it’s got reuse potential

Moffa: Hi im trying to make the post_details and text to go to the right of the image http://i.imgur.com/jhvi0uz.jpg

Woelfle: Here’s some css http://i.imgur.com/8Q98Jzb.jpg

Plastow: Http://i.imgur.com/hIUDmWN.jpg

Dromgoole: If i change reply to display:block it works but it extends all the way, i just want it to extend the necesary http://i.imgur.com/SK42wex.jpg

Temoney: Madprops, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Holness: Madprops, Preferred live pastebins: http://jsfiddle.net/http://codepen.io/http://paste.asmcbain.net/

Audas: Sorry, i’ll make a fiddle

Arzola: Here’s a fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/k7eq4vn1/

Novel: I want the post_details and text to start at the right of the image, like 4chan does for instance

Myslim: 4chan example: http://i.imgur.com/zl5Hg8q.jpg

Opela: I have a modal window that centers onscreen via css, which seems to require explicit dimensions… but how do I make that responsive on mobile?

Crumpacker: Or depending on the content, you could do percentage width/height and it will scale automatically

Quill: If the modal window is like not more than 70% of the page, that would work

Quill: Otherwise, when shrinking, it will look microscopic

Churchwell: How can I make table /not/ expand it’s parent which is flexbox item with flex-grow: 1? html+3d view: http://***ets.magik6k.net/screenshoots/1448037136.png less: http://hastebin.com/piliqujipe.less

Kerbow: Brajt: Thanks for your insight!

Gauntner: Anyone know a free site for testing a site on multiple devices

Headen: IMO there’s no subsitute for doing it locally.

Crumpacker: Browsershots does screenshots

Barrack: On my ipad and chrome dev tools my site looks fine but crossbrowsertesting Ipad 2 mobile safari 5.02 the css is all messed up :

Cotreau: Crossbrowsertesting.com*

Crumpacker: That’s like 4 years old

Crumpacker: Of course its not going to work

Oberloh: What are they on now ?