Well, I don’t want to load.

Rehfeldt: That’s probably something you can control with their API or whatever

Opichka: I found an extension which hides the most visited boxes by using display none on div#most-visited.mv-hide, i just dont know the right css pointer? for the search bar

Gourley: DrkDragonz66: aardvark extension is good for that

Schlup: Not working in the new tab for some reason

Muhammed: Anyone here good with SVG?

Hibner: So basically I want the SVG file to pick up the font from what’s loaded in the browser

Amalfitano: I’d say yes, but I don’t really want to talk to anyone asking such a poor question

Leftridge: Rather than fetching the ont directly?

Fredeen: Reisio: how is it a poor question :

Greminger: From what I’m seeing so far, the SVG is only loading local fonts

Espenschied: That’s exactly what I’m talking about :p

Muhn: Hi, i have 2 axis div with bottom-border and div with left-border and i would like to show a move right-left cursor on the vertical axis and the move up-down cursor on the horizontal axis. this is simple to do, so ,y real question is, how to show a move 4 direction cursor on the 2 axis cross point?

Lasanta: I have an element to which I dynamically add data using jquery’s append function. The data is taken from an ajax call, so it has to be dynamic.

Avril: When I add the data, the height of the element gets increased, obviously.

Worsfold: How can I make the increasing of the height of the element smooth, i.e. with some transition-like effect?

Yerke: CrowX-, transition on hight of container 0.3s

Voskowsky: Sal, I did that, but it doesn’t have any effects

Niday: Is it positioned relative or absolute?

Coca: If its absolute, naybe it needs bottom

Mcgeorge: Sal, it’s positioned static

Yengo: I think that height doesn’t change

Goucher: It just remains set to auto

Degaetano: CrowX-, i think you’ll need some js there

Donalds: And set fixed height depending on height of children

Point: Reisio: doesn’t sound like you’ve worked much with SVG though

Humm: I am able to load a font-family using the CSS style decl. withing the SVG file; but I’d prefer to be able to simply reference a font-family that’s already loaded into the browser.

Cura: Michael_mbp are you using inline svg? or as an external resource ?

Bogh: What is the most stable way to animate svg? I tried velocity.js but that doesn’t work in chrome, of all web browsers. haven’t tried safari or IE

Grahams: Not prioritizing IE 9 or earlier

Alger: Hey pranz, I’m loading a svg as a background image, how can I style it via CSS?

Clare: I found that styling via CSS is easier if you dump the svg into the DOM directly.

Mccory: Michael_mbp: yeah that’s what I’m doing

Raczkowski: That way you can target elements such as svg text { . }

Bernoski: You doing it as a background image too?

Trott: Michael_mbp: well, you could have a separate div as the background image

Nordstrom: Michael_mbp: like how you would do if you would apply filters only to the background image

Renaker: Well my SVG is a combo, and the image is vector too.

Oreily: It’s basically a logo, icon on the left, text on the right

Kjetland: But I’ve exported it as one SVG file.

Widdows: For now, not too fussed about separation, just wondering how I can style the text even though the SVG is loaded as a background image.

Kukielka: So I have my div cl***, how can I use that to reference cl***es within the SVG, if that’s something you’ve tried?

Pieffer: Michael_mbp: if you’re only gonna do some simple styling, I would just edit the .svg file manually

Modest: Well, I don’t want to load custom fonts within the SVG; hence looking to do it externally