Wait, no all those things.

Balasa: No, there’s no length that’s relative like that

Balasa: You might be able to do it with a skew transform

Balasa: I’ve never done anything like that so i’m not certain

Schurg: Balasa: good day to you sir. I am working on my response data table for the website you ***isted me with the other day. would flex box be suitable for a table?

Malas: Hardtail: For tables, use table.

Henthorne: Malas I am using that, but to position everything I was wondering if I used display: flex

Bova: It just feels like it would be much more simple to use Flex for the task at hand.

Coate: Is it bad to use 9 decimal places for % ?

Srygley: It was the only way i could get a div to be the exact size of an image using %

Malas: Hudec: Did you have to use %?

Allsup: Well i want a page responsive from iphone reso to ipad reso but at the exact resolutions i want the image size to be exact so 226px width image instead of 225.89px. only other way i guess would be to have a media query for the exact resolutions but i figured i could save space by just making a decimal precise enough that it sets it to the exactly number i wnat

Mook: Anyone have a suggestion on how to vertically center the “x” in this little pill box thing i’ve made? http://jsfiddle.net/kvcrawford/3rhrxrec/1/

Fredricks: Could anyone suggest a nice CSS book?

Danczak: Lens: Don’t know if this is available in your country, but for a good introduction, have a look at CSS In Easy Steps by Mike McGrath. However there is a lot of online resources so you don’t necessarily need to buy a book to learn CSS.

Havelka: I don’t know how up to date this book is though.

Muenkel: The last one I can find was released in June 1009.

Teng: Ah, there’s a newer version from Feb 2013 that covers CSS 3 – CSS3 In Easy Steps by the same author.

Mamon: Lens: http://learn.shayhowe.com/html-css/ is an excellent book, free.

Kenekham: Hardtail: That’s nice.

Challacombe: Derstrom yeah, it is written really well

Gola: Schlaefer, Resources to help you get started: http://hashcss.com/schools/

Dunklee: Guys how you choose the size of images for retine devices?

Balasa: Twice as big as the normal image size, normally

Bievenue: I have a images of like 8000 pixels

Contopoulos: Width, not sure of what size use with that

Munzer: The margin on footer here doesn’t work because the elements above it are floats? can that be resolved with a clearfix? I was unable to implement a microclearfix correctly http://jsfiddle.net/hgL4xqaa/

Balasa: No, because of collapsing margins

Aquirre: Balasa, like 5000 pixels will be good ? or is to much? i saw a few apple compouters with 2500 pixels so the twice will be 5000

Balasa: Ash_work: http://www.sitepoint.com/web-foundations/collapsing-margins/

Balasa: Bambanx: afaik, large images generally don’t need to have larger retina sizes, only smaller things like logos and icons

Kellan: Where can I find a channel for PHP help?

Lahm: Balasa nice to know that

Balasa: Amandbu: unsurprisingly, ##php

Oldaker: It says that you have to be invited to join

Balasa: Amandbu: note the two ##

Balasa: Amandbu: you need to be registered to go into ##php

Balasa: See http://chat.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup

Trinkl: Why not loading my cats ? http://codepen.io/bambanx/pen/KdbGRe

Balasa: Because the url you put doesn’t have an image

Pressly: If i want to put .inputtype=checkbox:checked within a cl*** how do i do that?

Hovland: For example #check inputtype=checkbox:checked + #sidebar { opacity:0; }

Tunnicliff: Harry3 thats a jQuery job

Tindol: Wait, no all those things are css too