Veneman, Always provide a.

Mocha: Its 10 minute cycles, 2min your pace, 1 min pushing with your arms only, 1 min pulling with your arms, 1 min sprint above 8mph, 1 min cooldown 3-4mph, 2 min steady above 5mph, 2 minutes in reverse

Eddins: Drej: getting results with crossfit?

Sanzotta: Its not crossfit, its just using the elliptical on a crossfit setting

Dubuque: Interval training on an elliptical

Bartolome: Im just working on weight loss and cardio

Lynn: Strange supper indeed

Fredicks: I want to rotate “;” right next to a text, heres my fiddle

Phelka: Https://

Lymon: Any ideas how i can make it appear on the right but next to the text

Pedde: Oops,

Ekberg: That max-width solutions ****s

Hurban: Is it possible to have the numbers in an ol align to the top of the li elements

Eddins: BostonGeorge2k: ?

Iredale: The last album of Slayer is a shame. just if you like to have a photo gallery with a float

Iredale: Yeah something like : have this, and let the browser decider

Brzuchalski: That. doesn’t make sense

Iredale: If you don’t know Slayer. it will be difficult to understand

Iredale: I’m talking about music not CSS

Eddins: Lukia: please stay on–topic

Brzuchalski: Mhmm, and generally we like to stick to CSS here

Iredale: Oh my god, nobody talk, I’m here for 3 or 4 hours, and when the silent gone I talk about what i’m experienced, I become the worst

Brzuchalski: Yes, theres no need to “fill the silence”

Iredale: So what’s the problem

Brzuchalski: But theres no reason to

Brzuchalski: Random statements are pointless

Brzuchalski: They don’t contribute anything

Iredale: Silence contributing nothing too

Iredale: Try to disagree with me and you are not in the topic

Iredale: Even what you say isn’t the topic

Brzuchalski: Im not disagreeing, im suggesting nicely that you stop now

Iredale: If nobody have a question about CSS, why don’t I the right to tell something ?

Iredale: But an empty channel is . sad ? don’t you think ?

Brzuchalski: Not really, its common. But you don’t seem to be interested in taking advice, so lets drop it

Eddins: Lukia: there are plenty of other discussion channels where you can talk about random things, including music

Iredale: No Brzuchalski, nobody talk, Eddins, nobody talk, I talk

Iredale: If nobody needs help, what the problem ?

Iredale: If you are asking me these, it’s like, the world should have a problem

Brzuchalski: For the last time, this isn’t a channel for rambling about whatever you want. now lets move on. please

Iredale: Mallen must have a CSS issue

Iredale: Brzuchalski, if you’re not an op. what could I ask you. : do you take a bath today ?

Guiel: In what common ways does Safari differ from Chrome and Firefox?

Eddins: Brzuchalski: are you asking because it’s behaving differently?

Mcgurk: Eddins: Yes, CSS and JS are not working as they do in Firefox and Chrome.

Dickow: JS: removing children from a node

Veneman: And JS is going to vary more wildly than CSS. the newer specs are going to be less-supported than older specs, etc.

Veneman: Are you using parentNode.removeChild? that’s the way to do it

Veneman: But this is CSS, so what’s the CSS problem?

Rudiger: Veneman, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.