Unrecited: I didn’t since.

Spoonamore: Ropo: CSS tables are okay, HTML tables are not? :

Coyle: Xreal_alt: html tables are for tabular data.

Coyle: This isn’t the 90s any more

Hayenga: Coyle: But is DIV beside DIV also acceptable?

Reighard: Who uses reset or normalize css? I try to get some general usage info.

Tysarczyk: Xreal_alt: sure it is

Tysarczyk: Reighard: if you’re going to use anything like that use normalizr over a reset otherwise you’re doubling up rules and causing more problems when you don’t have to. normalize is designed to try to make sites more “uniform” in each browser although you don’t really need any of that as different browser products are always going to have quirks that cause problems.

Gazella: Tysarczyk: complicated

Tysarczyk: Xreal_alt: i’m not clear on why a div next to a div is complicated

Campi: Tysarczyk: No, I mean the decision between CSS tables and div next to a div is complicated. Both is working :

Tysarczyk: Xreal_alt: and the site you gave a url to is absolute to be done without table markup. you need to use semantic html. if you don’t know how to do that then perhaps it would seem complicated

Willetts: Tysarczyk: I know. semantic HTML is the next thing, I’ll read about.

Tysarczyk: Xreal_alt: you’re still not making sense. there’s no such thing as a css table. there’s a way to use css to make elements behave like a table and you don’t use divs for everything on a site page. you use the correct semantic markup

Laib: Tysarczyk: that’s what I called “css table”. sorry.

Tysarczyk: Xreal_alt: actually using table markup was deprecated in 1997 which was about 20 years ago so the “next thing” has actually been current for over 10 years :

Wolfgram: Xreal_alt, https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/

Tysarczyk: Xreal_alt: refer to that site

Hiland: Xreal_alt, W3Schools: errors, omissions, deceit. They are *not* affiliated with the W3C. Please stop reading/pointing to them! See http://w3fools.com/.

Tysarczyk: And stay the hell away from w3schools ;

Bowline: Tysarczyk: what about SelfHTML?

Gearlds: Oh sorry, it’s a famous German HTML do***entation with examples and references.

Tysarczyk: Xreal_alt: i’d stick to mdn where i know for a fact you are getting the correct information you need

Tysarczyk: Especially if you don’t know anything about semantic html

Malafronte: Tysarczyk: I know a little bit about it, but I want to learn more

Wischmeier: Anybody know a tool that converts CSS to tidy S*** syntax?

Tysarczyk: Xreal_alt: a little knowledge is not enough. you’re a bit late to the party but just learn the basics well and you’ll be able to build simple or complex sites easily

Irani: Tysarczyk: I’ve been off HTML for about 10 years ;

Babish: Tysarczyk: I was more into JS, PHP and Python this time.

Tysarczyk: Xreal_alt: it’s going to be important you understand that front end code is nothing like programming

Tysarczyk: That’s what bites a lot of people in the *** and they refuse to read do***ents and end up with a lot of headaches

Matelich: Tysarczyk: sorry, let’s talk in the next days. I have to finish some work on this website ;

Earnest: Hi, does anyone know if there is any channel for purecss framework?

Heinemann: Hi I was wondering if it is more common to specify the size of images in CSS rather then HTML

Tjandra: Hi, can I make a texture without an image, like a dotted or crossed pattern, something subtle but colored

Dahman: And if so, how is it done via CSS?

Reighard: He left. and I got an answer for hiim

Ranni: I’m getting crazy. Anyone with an idea, why my color of “hervorhebung” isn’t changed to blue? http://alde-sign.de/projekte

Granado: I just installed winamp lolll

Caughron: Unrecited: I didn’t since 1997