Trying to remove the.

Cashing: I posted a screenshot

Hosfeld: Http:// – screenshot again, or you need a live url?

Neubert: Bprompt, hi. This side is the choir. You need to turn around if you want to address the congregation.

Dupuy: AMcBain: agree on that =

Schnittker: How do I move the logo and site-name into the fixed scrolling bar? I want this animated so the larger elements shrink to fit the fixed area and the other way around.

Hermenegildo: Mbm: do you know what a fixed scrolling area is?

Czwakiel: R13ose, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Renfrow: Similar to this: but the logo is not on the fixed bar already, this is above that.

Fenton: Aolko: they are inline by default, so vertical-align will do the trick.

Hachigian: Aolko: to? if you just want to align the bullet to the text, vertical-align should manage that I’d think

Fenton: R13ose: link to your page, not someone else’s

Fenton: Aolko: no effect because you are using absolute position

Williar: At least on the element itself not before

Selz: Fenton: if mine was link I would.

Lastovica: R13ose, Preferred live pastebins:

Bo: Aolko: it should work, it may not work as Fenton pointed out, because there’s more ot the story as paul harvey would say, so we’re kinda shooting in the dark, thus why often folks are asked for the markup, so we can see what’s cooking

Bonnette: But there’s a markup on s***meister

Isaacks: Aolko: that’s not a markup page we can see and probe

Hintermeister: Ok, i asked before about live url, well, here it is then

Routon: R13ose: the idea is to provide a link to the site you’re working on, or preferred a small sample of the problem code so we can see what you’ve got so far

Nordlund: So, aycs, text is slightly off

Traill: If you untick lato font in inspector it’ll magically fix itself due to default font, but, thing is, i kinda need lato

Voliva: Aolko: what’s the problem again?

Marron: Text is a bit off on non-default fonts

Einwalter: I’d like to be told I’m wrong as I often face the same problem with some custom fonts, but I don’t think there is any way around it except adjusting line-height, font-size etc.

Aguas: Aolko: to be fair, the bullet is centered, in relation to the containing span, the issue is the “leading” of the current font. there’s no value for the span, but if you could set a line-height on the span containing the text and bullets, and then set the span’s height to that value, then vertical-align both, bullet and text should do it

Brinkmeier: So, the bullet is centered, I ran a ruler to the text, the text has 27px spacing above, and 29px spacing below it

Bagwill: You put a ruler to your screen? ;

Buccellato: Yes, I have about 3 :, ruler app that is, I could have gotten the same result with a wooden one, but simpler using an overlaid app =

Taaffe: I used to have a wooden ruler that measured pixels but then I had to replace it every time I changed monitors :/

Gornikiewicz: Btw, firefox addon webdeveloper toolbar, has a ruler as well, under Miscellaneous =

Giovanelli: I suddenly feel like an inadequate developer without a ruler.

Seidman: Chrome also has a ruler checkbox

Yudell: Sharex has a ruler too btw

Digiuseppe: I’m pulling my hair out over here.

Mascio: Brandin: can you provide a jsfiddle URL so we can see the problem?

Crossgrove: Im the ***in navbar ya and i gotta pee

Tustin: Derstrom:

Piechocki: Trying to remove the padding when viewed on mobile. been stuck on this for days.