Transform ? how is that.

Swearegene: Arcanine69, maybe my confusion will be more clear lol

Fraschilla: I intentionally put in a top margin on the carousel div

Alcorta: Swearegene okay now gremlin. look at that

Eddins: Nattyrice: do what you like with the margin – i was just showing you the object-fit

Danowski: You have one thats 960px and one thats 910px width

Duguette: 25px padding on each side makes 50px in padding horizontally

Swearegene: Arcanine69, but look at the CSS coding. they are both set to “width” 960.

Dallmier: IE doesn’t support object-fit so i decided to go with background images

Swearegene: Arcanine69, the black screens are a live view of those CSS files

Saliva: Ideally i’d keep the styling separate fromthe html but this will do

Kimrey: Swearegene okay so here is what you do.

Forester: Swearegene: For the services page . change #container to #container2

Minutillo: Swearegene: and add this code to your css file for services page

Swearegene: Arcanine69, setting width to 1010 is what I said I was going to try. And that looks good. However, if I want to combine these sites into the same CSS file I now need like you said a “#container2”

Swearegene: Arcanine69, I am trying to figure out why on the services page, with #container hard coded to 960, it is still shrinking to 910.

Swearegene: Arcanine69, so that I dont have to have two seperate #container tags

Swearegene: Arcanine69, Or, on the flip side, why on the forms page, width hard coded to 960 and padding 25px. it retains the 960 width.

Swearegene: Arcanine69, See my confusion?

Swearegene: Width hard sets the width. Padding create space between the hard coded width and the content.

Pogar: Swearegene: chrome is retarded.

Skimehorn: Swearegene: in FF it displays just fine.

Swearegene: So on the services page. with width hard coded to 960, it should stay 960 and pad the space

Swearegene: Its hard coded at 1010 right now

Lavalley: Swearegene: it works in FF just fine.

Trojahn: Swearegene: but chrome has downs.

Swearegene: Arcanine69, let me put it back to 960

Swearegene: See what I am saying?

Laranjo: Still happening in FF

Swearegene: It’s almost like he has a hidden margin buried somewhere

Swearegene: Arcanine69, ***** it. Im setting it to 1010. Ill let our “self proclaimed” leader deal with it when she goes to combine the CSS files lmfao

Ciesla: Yuou should buy me a league skin

Swearegene: Arcanine69, im broke.

Swearegene: Arcanine69, Plus, you didn’t find the problem lol

Swearegene: Now I want to play a game of League

Swearegene: Arcanine69, How did my brackets page turn out? :

Swearegene: Had a lot of fun with my individual site so far :

Gatchalian: Add content on the players

Swearegene: Arcanine69, I would need to add another page for each player. Only 2 weeks left. I have work and family lol

Swearegene: Or drop downs for each. or something

Torner: Might be a dumb question, but is it a good practice to set fixed image widths on responsive email designs?

Hunt: For some reason outlook is not fitting images into my .container, thus they’re showing up wider and creating horizontal scrolling

Vecchiarelli: Not sure where to go, but what channel or anyone here, can I go to get help finding designs or snippets for multiple forms and how to present them? I want it to look nice, but I could use some inspiration.

Sonnefeld: Any way to scope a fixed div to some container div?

Eddins: Bambanx: give the parent div a transform

Stecklair: Transform ? how is that oksushi