Pedersen: Ah, then the sourcemap is working fine, i guess? since in the browser it shows me the regular css file and not the scss file

Shapin: How can i center a title between the tab’s and the left side of the div ?

Sauceman: Http://

Avance: Now i just have to figure out how to recompile the scss file

Penceal: But the biggest issue, the element is NOT referenced in the SCSS file, only in the main css/min.css files

Brezinka: If backend access / file access would help, i truly don’t mind granting it

Hardel: Right now the site is down for maint, so i’d have to give a subscriber acct to access

Mulhall: Is every layout possible with css? or is css limited?

Schuldt: Are the limits of css describable?

Hardridge: Every layout is possible but not practical

Weichman: As you can do set each pixel in a screen so kind of anything goes :p

Carrillo: How smart is to use bootstrap col- on h1 or p ?

Campany: Depends on how you expect it to adjust to the content, I’d say.

Compeau: In response to knobo1 & NiLon.

Hebner: Marrenarre: Will it be buggy on other browsers ?

Clore: Bojanlazic: marrenarre In response to knobo1 & NiLon.

Nemunaitis: Hello, under IE9, vm units are not working as expected:

Winterhalter: Height: 100vh is translated to more height than there is in the viewport

Venn: Any idea why this happens?

Hartgerink: Bimbo, Preferred live pastebins:

Persson: How do you target first and third element nth-child1+2n ?

Waterson: Bimbo: Is this fiddle accurate i.e. a fiddle of your paste?:

Dumais: Marrenarre: yes it is

Zumsteg: Under FF and chrome it works as expected

Correra: But under IE9 it’s taking more height that it shoudl

Molash: In the jsfiddle is even worst. not even using height: 1vh works as expected, it uses more than 100% of the viewport

Pulk: I have a search bar, which expands breaking the bootstrap input-form alignment here – – can someone take a look, and tell me what is going wrong

Mira: Bimbo:

Padin: Sorry to share the website, I can paste the html+jquery code

Kaiserman: Look under “Known issues” and you’ll see why it’s worse in the fiddle.

Nord: Marrenarre: ahhh I see

Loyal: It is because of the zoom

Burbach: Here is the code that is making the ajax autocomplete work –

Froemming: Whenever an autocomplete result arrives, the rest of the form input boxes goes down :

Gibb: Marrenarre: any idea how to fix this? it is VERY common that the OS applies zoom

Cho: For the fiddle I see it is not the zoom, but the fact that it is inside an iframe

Luckenbaugh: Yes, that’s what I meant.

Brubaker: But my actual problem is because the OS is zommed

Cessor: I’m trying to make one element on my website element A appear directly above another element B. I’ve tried adjusting the “z-index”, “margin-top”, and “position” properties, but it seems like element B is just not allowing anything to clear it, if that makes sense. Any idea what I could be missing here?

Reece: Marrenarre: I guess this could work:

Cawthon: Bimbo: Maybe. Here is another one:

Nannie: Marrenarre: that polyfill is kinda buggy, I tried it but it kept failing although I tested it under IE8, I’ll give it another try

Stracquatanio: Tonythomas: #autocomplete-me * { vertical-align: top; }