Tinystoat: didnt want to.

Formichelli: He is expecting me work on that

Pincince: Tell him to growa brain

Bary: Graphic designers trying to be web designers. now there is a migrane

Armento: So i was wondering if there is any solution in css

Kopis: Some property i need to tweak for background size

Khov: Http://i.imgur.com/nLPizLN.png and https://jsbin.com/kawopumiqe/edit?html,css,output

Evangelo: Hey guys im using css fontface for a google fonts on IE8

Mautone: And the font is not shown, i deas?

Kopczynski: People still develop for that?

Tomson: Rogger_h: yeah don’t use google fonts, they can’t code for shi

Humbertson: But i downloaded them and i actually saw it working on another website

Giannone: Http://reisio.com/examples/webfonts/ or http://reisio.com/examples/webfonts/new/ if you don’t care about IE8

Schwaderer: I do care about IE8 now

Sudderth: And get the font from the author’s site, not google

Godar: Actually i took the fornt and use converter to get the fontkit

Brotherton: Heh, its still supported until Jan next year

Badour: That probably ****s, too

Mabery: Supported is irrelevant

Wanger: It’s used by a significant percentage

Schiavoni: My exgirlfriend still uses it. if she’s still using it so are a lot of other people

Paysour: Who? grandma and offices using old PCs?

Chopra: Tinystoat: she sounds dumb and possessing low standards, give me her number

Klemanski: You’re a 1 man wrecking ball tonight reisio

Buvens: Reisio: you are quite right. i also happen to know her only boyfriend is a surfboard and she wants to keep it that way ;

Sexton: She’s sworn off everybody and is an island unto herself

Draffin: Seems she has it from what i last heard

Bellomy: And sworn off updating her browser it would seem

Wigren: What about, you know, money?

Deal: Riera: to be a good developer means you have to know your users and not ***ume people will be on the latest tech

Wigren: Is her name charlie? because charlie don’t surf!

Hoeser: Indeed. I will test for IE8 more actively going forward.

Cara: It’s easy to ****oo people for not using the latest tech but then there’s reality and money

Cerullo: No charlies were used in the making of this woman

Kazunas: Reisio: is it that i should use img tag and handle that with responsive image ways

Bentancourt: How do you find the best way to cross browser test?

Charboneau: As in, having multiple versions of a browser?

Wigren: With IE, you need MS’s virtual machines

Leyda: Thanx Wigren. i will look into that

Lodholz: I look forward to testing my last site -_-

Overson: Right I really must get back to it

Orantes: You talked me out of using image slider. Scrolling page down work universally and on all devices.

Cardish: Tinystoat: problem sloved. thanks for media queries link.

Pirone: Now page hiding the top bar when smaller screen size.

Wreede: Tinystoat: There is one more thing. You think I can shoot or your tired of me :

Ranos: Codytr: shoot but not too hard long day :

Bakewell: I am trying to move that arrows to the right side

Stcyr: Http://tinyurl.com/naz6bba

Cruden: Codytr: i got a 403 for that url

Alirez: Is CSS3 production ready for buttons with drop down menu?

Than: Tinystoat: didnt want to paste full long url but here: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s126/sh/8e42ad16-0193-4543-ad95-98c0e0f6702c/1aa074a861107723a42b91b622561523/res/26c8e357-948c-4859-8a41-7d5cf8a4a1b8/www.responsimulator.com.jpg?resizeSmall&width=832