This is the website with.

Deblois: In this case you need centimeter elements anyway

Beckendorf: So nth-child wouldn’t be very useful

Valdivieso: Yes, I just gave an example

Vesey: That’s a cool example

Schoenemann: That only works on a list of items so to say though

Gloston: You can’t add something every 10 pixels or so, at least not this way

Dempsy: I don’t know of a way to do that

Devitt: If nth-child doesn’t fit your use case, I think images are the only way atm

Moberg: Well don’t get me wrong, it’ll also work on a collection of divs

Sugiki: But I mean, you can’t have 1 div and then mark every 10 pixels of that div

Zlotnik: It has to be a collection of elements that you mark every nth of

Quisenberry: Http://

Gouty: I’m glad jsfiddle supports emmet xD

Lavelett: Http://

Pullman: Otherwise that would’ve been ridiculously tedious

Gallemore: Colors 😀

Bluming: How about that weather?

Klingen: Don’t you hate when it gets to 3am and you feel you should go to bed but you’re on a roll?

Saulsberry: I guess i gotta set empty :hover on whatever’s outside? hopefully that doesn’t mess things up

Buckle: Use a click event instead?

Lutrick: Trying to go all css :/

Stringham: Https:// How do I make the second line be also indented?

Shaheen: Problem is that in the “real world” case of this distilled text the content of the span is user-controlled and the container width flexible a percentage of the screen width

Eschen: And in the real world there is an image, and the text is said white on blue, so just display:block/inline-block on the span is not an option

Teschler: Https://

Obermoeller: Semmel, Nope, because the blue background would obscure the background image of #container

Chaffey: I only need the words highlighted with 10px padding for the blue background

Hoschouer: Not too sure and I don’t have a lot of time

Mallette: Maybe this will help?

Haroutunian: Http://

Alekna: Https://

Wehrman: Hmm that tablecell thing looks interesting

Degenaro: Css with javascript fix :p

Cuddington: Can you style the shadow dom with in place style=”.” attributes?

Steczo: You can do more with javascript than with css

Levenhagen: Can someone please help me understand why column-width breaks things up this way:

Varriale: The div boxes that it is ‘wraping’ to the next column are inside a column item

Sineath: Here is a better example:

Reynero: What if i want the boxes to stay together

Ngo: And have columns only break outside the boxes

Mccleave: Does anyone know how to not disturb the alignment when i set position as fixed?

Keelan: Everything gets messed up when i set the position to fixed from relative.

Unruh: Nevermind, learned about page-break-inside:avoid; –

Landazuri: Mark_____: can you make a or jsfiddle to illustrate the issue so we can see what you mean?

Zummo: Http://

Jure: It often helps to simplify the problem down to the least amount of markup and css required to reproduce the issue your having

Rebik: This is the website with problem.