This code tag, however,.

Latin: I am also going to test in windows

Guler: If I have an item set to position: fixed; top:20px, can I make it do an animation once the page has been srolled down say 200px?

Parnes: Not with just css, i should say

Grizzel: So you understand, hmm js then/

Delorme: Yes I can see the vert var in windows

Raisbeck: Rosenheim, animation, no, but there’s a partially supported position: sticky; that can do something like sticking to the top after scrolling X pixels.

Gramberg: AMcBain, i looked for it, and all references mentioned you needed js with it

Allbright: JavaScript is the way to go for now. CSS is overwhelmingly unaware of scroll positions.

Iacobucci: I dont have the ability to inject js sadly

Mork: G mdn position sticky

Tingley: AMcBain, Google says “position – CSS MDN” • • More results:

Peerzada: Well that’s also not our problem. 😛

Dekay: Sticky would almost work, but I already have to position:absolute it to where it is to start with

Sirrine: I am having issues with MX records. I have sent a client site live but now his emails aren’t working. I know this isn’t the right place but I am desperately seeking help.

Estwick: Kennie: I got some help dude, appreciate the response though. I forgot to add the A records for the mail as most times thats done automatically but not with this awful domain company the client is using lol

Duncanson: Odd, an empty/different A record should affect MX. they are differnet systems that dont depend on another

Plaskett: Possible to set width of a sub menu relative to a higher parent element?

Gaddis: So not just the preceding parent, but a higher parent ?

Sutcliff: Hi. How do I make the button the same height as the a?

Ekberg: Simplified:

Semien: To clarify, I want to make the button lower, not the a taller

Brinck: It seems as though upgrading to Chrome 45 broke my CSS. Has anyone seen anything like this? I think it might be this issue, but I’m not sure:

Posley: Psbrandt: you from boise?

Berrett: No. I just found that ticket by searching through the Chrome issues.

Diffey: I don’t think my issue has to do with animations though, but it definitely stopped working on the upgrade to Chrome 45. It works on 44 and other browsers.

Gayanilo: So I forked this codepen, because I’d like to use it horizontally. I’ve gotten this far: but the “stars” run out at the end of the animation.

Boren: I have an “infinite” animation iteration, so can someone explain why it doesn’t loop?

Burdick: I see the animation is {spawn stars, move stars left, loop} and I need to separate them out so it’s {spawn stars, loop}, {move stars left, loop}. Working on it. :

Soder: How is it possible to leave vertical responsive space underneath an absolute positioned element?

Casteneda: Hello. I have a div with a a line of text and an image. I would like to center the line of text / or the image, depending if the image or the text has the max height. Is that really so complicated?

Brodhurst: Hm, I see more and more sites using svg instead css triangles

Brodhurst: Hmm, honestly, css was never meant for shapes like this

Brodhurst: For me, creating shapes by pure css is more a waste of time – svg is the right tool for the job

Strefeler: Hey, I am wondering if what I am thinking is possible to do in css

Truchon: At the moment, I have a code tag on my site that looks like this

Woodrow: Http://

Binning: This code tag, however, doesn’t really act as desired when I apply it on multi-line code snippet such as this