The stylesheet that gets.

Dannenberg: I checked, navigation taking 100% width

Bloomstrand: Give width:60% in .main-navigation ul and also give float : right

Seufert: Helpmeplease: Put this at the end:

Lippi: You might want to give it some shadow or something as well, but we’ll talk about that later.

Anthony: There’s also the task of putting the logo next to the menu, which I have not covered yet.

Heilig: Sorry had to dismantl my montiors to let my wife play wow with multiscreen .fml

Pyo: Marre, to the end of the style.css?

Rogacion: I recommend you use auto-completion for nicknames.

Jespersen: Okay i can complete them

Coopersmith: Marrenarre: okay I added that to the end of the style.css

Deno: Helpmeplease: Is it working?

Hoerter: It looks like it moved the menu to the right, so I guess so?

Romanowski: Helpmeplease: That was not the point. Did you also use stevenix_’s code? Because you shouldn’t.

Cogan: Okay let me change that back then

Kapsner: Not at the same time, anyway.

Galkin: What should the float say, center?

Sevaaetasi: Okay i changed it back to 100% and float left

Pliler: Do not declare a value for float.

Penhallurick: Okay, now just your custom add is in, but I don’t see that it changed anything

Gallegos: Helpmeplease: Could you update the live site?

Patik: Marrenarre: doesn’t updating the file update it live?

Nacci: Helpmeplease: That depends on your setup. Either way, nothing’s been appended to the file at view-source:

Peacy: *

Honokaupu: Marrenarre: i added it thru the editor in WP, is that not correct?

Scholes: Helpmeplease: I would think it is. Did you save it and such?

Eckols: And if i look in the style.css on the FTP your lines are there

Voiles: All the way at the bottom

Burling: Does it need to be somewhere certain in the file?

Prattis: Oh I see the problem now.

Roches: They only show up when the URI does not contain the “?ver=4.3.1” that is at the end of the address that is being linked to from the HTML do***ent.

Ostermeyer: So, do i need to add something?

Cernuto: Hold on, I will download the theme and tell you what file to change.

Rongo: Helpmeplease: You could try adding the code on this page to the theme’s functions.php: wordpress-theme">

Pfeiffer: So add all those lines to functions.php?

Schwoyer: Well, not the first one.

Winesett: But the other ones, yes.

Romie: Im dumb, not that dumb

Beckert: Okay, added that to the bottom

Allum: You’re not necessarily dumb for ***uming that I give direct instructions.

Hayslip: Even with that added, I don’t see any changes

Deklerk: What is the site that I should use when trying to get help on my css and html? I don’t have the bookmark. I copy pasted my html and css into it and it would have a visual output.

Torress: Puddle, Preferred live pastebins:

Berges: Helpmeplease: Yes, for some reason the CSS is not working. The PHP is working, though.

Ringgenberg: Do I need a CSS plugin or just maybe refresh the style.css?

Wommack: Anyone know how I create a question & answer question? when I click on the frist question. scoll down on the Q and A.

Adamek: Helpmeplease: No, it’s something else.

Vitolas: The stylesheet that gets loaded has the code.