The space between elements.

Lodrigue: Ol only should contain li elements exclusively

Lodrigue: Try it with

Mulvey: Lodrigue, wish i could use validator! i’m working on an intranet site.

Elsner: Lodrigue, that’s interesting and good to know that that doesn’t meet standards

Mishkin: You can still use validator

Choute: By copying and pasting!

Rochlin: Bin_bash, how? w3 says the domain is invalid

Hagler: You should be able to just paste the source

Patridge: I know, i usually use it, but idk i think it’s saying it’s invalid because it’s intranet

Jamal: I figured their server makes the http request

Estabillo: Hello can somebody please take look at the css and tell me how to remove the scroll bar ?

Lapilio: Http://

Swisshelm: Http:// would someone mind taking a look at this?

Millick: Hi everyone, is there a quick way to align text and a checkbox input tag?

Lodrigue: Verical-align:bottom on checkbox.

Bockover: Like so:

Lodrigue: Http:// :

Lodrigue: Nchambers,

Collom: It doesn’t work when in a div though. hmmm.

Lodrigue: That div isn’t necessary.

Lodrigue: Nchambers, this is an orher way:

Knavel: Plz i search any method to adapt flexbox in ie8 can you help me?

Lodrigue: OmarOujdi, no way, IE10 is the first browser with flexbox.

Dekker: Thank you Lodrigue but i can adapt this with javascript?

Lodrigue: Yeah, but that is offtopic here try #javascript channel for this question.

Uplinger: I have a div with several divs inside. The divs inside has float: left; and width: 20%;. How do I center the divs in the container?

Leonaggeo: Is there a style to make a border look like it has a text blurb?

Sha: Mllie: don’t float them, and use display: inline-block; instead, and set text-align: center; on the containing div, ***uming you meant, horizontal centering

Reill: Like a speech bubble.

Leckie: Is that what it’s called?

Mcnuh: Bprompt: When changing to that all divs are aligned to the bottom of the container?

Caldarera: Hmmmm sorta you can, depens, but you can stick a triangular div below/above a rounded one

Listi: Bprompt: I want them top aligned

Kuhtz: Mllie: got picture of what you’re after?

Manista: Bprompt:

Swierenga: Bprompt: I want all divs on the top

Freno: Mllie: give them also, vertical-align: top; then

Salsa: Bprompt: there is also an margin between the divs that isn’t applied when using float, what is that?

Iovino: Mllie: right. so. hmm set hmm. set their conta. hold the mayo

Losa: Bprompt: vertical-align worked for the top alignment though

Wadman: Mllie:

Deitch: Mllie add margin:0 -2px

Oslund: Bprompt: Ah, that’s weird though

Connley: Mllie: anyhow, font-size: 0; on their containing element, to get rid of the gap, and if you’re going to have any text in it, set the divs with font-size: 1rem; so they don’t inherit the “0”, otherwise, you can just get rid of that

Carmon: Anyone know best practice for inserting bootstrap into html form?

Tscrious: Bprompt: Yeah, I saw that. Weird solution though :

Grossberg: Mllie: well, the spacing you saw, it’s just the typesetting value applied to the current font’s word spacing

Grabow: The space between elements?