The only thing I can do is.

Leighton: Should be as tall as the viewport’s height

Abbington: Is there a reason that :hover would work in jsfiddle but not in my actual html page?

Stolarski: Copy pasted the entire div and css into jsfiddle and it works fine

Beus: When i load my actual html page it doesnt change color upon hover

Nickol: Frenchiie css in jsfiddle is not referenced in the jsfiddle’s html, it’s implicit, but not on your local copy of course

Kyles: So I guess it’s not only the :hover that doesn’t work, but the whole stylesheet

Bekele: Https://

Kuehnert: I’m on chrome, went into inspect element and forced hover and it works as long as i’m in inspection

Biermann: But this doesnt really solve my problem

Broce: The element in question has an id “Ograph”

Strahan: If i hover in chrome over the p id=”Ograph/p then it just stays red

Maye: It worked when i inserted an inline function into p to active upon hovering and from javascript manually called the element’s .style.backgroundcolor to change it

Reagan: But that’s not the correct wayt to do it

Trepagnier: Where is a good place to get fonts?

Brzuchalski: TechMonger:

Woerner: Brzuchalski i found some fonts. how do i download them?

Brzuchalski: Normally people just use the link they provide

Brzuchalski: But there’s a way to download them, i forget how

Kraham: Can I make nav tabs like these: fit width? ie make the li-s as wide as the parent ul

Serge: As to fit the parent ul width

Kemple: I’ve been trying to make the speaker images/divs in this page at the bottom line up for 3 days.

Hazy: If someone would take mercy on me, I’ll be so grateful.

Vibbard: When the browser is thin, i.e. mobile, it is jagged offset.

Gerguson: I can’t figure it out.

Tripoli: Can someone please help?

Mormile: I would put it on stack overflow/twitter, but the app is viral and needs to be made public during a formal launch.

Chovanec: Font-family: inherit; will inherit the font-family from the parent? Is there a way to inherit from the body?

Mwakitwile: Http:// ==== jungletrain 2015 marathon 15 hours left – 20 djs in the lineup

Kleindienst: Utils maybe initial helps, unsure if it’s a fallback to body or some browser default

Brzuchalski: Initial just resets to the default value of the property

Brzuchalski: In this case, that would be inherit

Brzuchalski: Utils: no, theres not a way to do that afaik

Iredale: English and French help provided

Werger: Rjurney, of these div.col-md-5 why is every other wrapped in a div.row? i’d rather put 2 div.col-md-5 in 1 div.row, and css rules i’d put in a seperate cssless file, and you could create your own bootstrap cl***es or just give these div.col-md-5 inside div.row a margin-left: 15px

Ferron: How do I make collapse the text which is inside a div when the text reach the end/border if it ?

Go: Possible reason why font’s my not be get by the browser?

Cesare: You probably using netscape navigator

Brzuchalski: Bin2: check the network tab of your inspector

Candle: Well i checked it it just doesn’t download them

Brzuchalski: It normally will give a reason why

Brodess: The problem is that there is no attempt to download them at all

Brzuchalski: To the site youre having problems with

Devenuto: It’s my own , I know I have to provide a link or etc. but don’t have access to the router to make a port forwarding

Khamo: The only thing I can do is screenshot