The first select all items.

Reimann: And then blit it to the canvas

Reimann: So canvas allows one to do everything

Reimann: Really everything, bit level

Milnik: Sounds great and terrifying

Reimann: This layout gss thing looks really nice, similar solutions could become css kilelrs

Reimann: And right, I know, one still has to use the css-like api for real DOM elements

Reimann: But still, BEM already takes out the cascading

Reimann: People are discussing going inline for styles religion change basically

Woolcott: It pretty much calculates everything and then applies css

Reimann: So one doesn’t have to deal with css at all

Reimann: It is more than s*** then

Edgley: S*** = css in that you write css and you hope it works everywhere

Parodi: This grid thingy calculates on the fly in the browser

Reimann: Ah, javascript augmented

Schlaefli: There a way to put a css style sheet in my browser. for example it would make all the fonts on all sites i browse how i style

Reimann: Makes sense, things like equalizer js for example can only be realized with javascript

Reimann: BrandonC: you want to use a custom stylesheet instead the site/page one?

Reimann: BrandonC: you are lucky then, for this there are addons

Reimann: What browser? chrome?

Reimann: Or Stylish for Firefox

Anos: No idea how it’s done, but i like it

Plough: It’s funny how i don’t appreciate it looks i do though but mostly for the fact that they managed to make it look like thhat

Reimann: Hm, at some point one will be able to export a DTP do***ent to HTML5 like flash :/

Reimann: Lausier: yes, the design of their site looks strange, honestly

Reimann: Hm, responsive SVG + taking that 100% page width/height could also have been an option

Hutchcroft: Yeah, svg is pretty amazing

Hoag: Pretty much like flash with a few more limitations

Alonza: Svg is what css should’ve been

Hittman: Http://

Heally: Https://

Mooers: Is the scripts in head executed after the page has loaded or what?

Huels: No, at the time of parsing

Hinds: So if a script alters a DOM element, it might not exist?

Guilbault: Nvm. I’ll just copy/paste and learn the stuff another day

Pochintesta: I position a background image with ‘center center’ but the background image is just shown by a half.

Pullins: Does anyone know why? items.png

Perkiss: Put_in, if it’s only showing half of it then your element is probably not big enough.

Alicia: AMcBain: i thought about it but even height: 100% doesnt change anything

Glew: And it is even the body element which should be 100% by nature iirc

Keaveny: Noooo. The body element is not height: 100%; by default.

Cheas: It is only as large as its contents by default.

Tuai: Okay i see. but height: 100% doesnt change it either. :

Bostelman: This is a common misconception because if you set a background on the body it flood-fills just like if you set it on the html element, but it will show up only inside the body area if you also set one on the html element at the same time.

Burkhart: Set height: 100%; on both html and body.

Decker: If you intend to have more content below the viewport or want a scrollbar you may want to do min-height.

Aspen: AMcBain: wow, great. thank you so much – it works!

Sloop: What’s different about “.cl***Name .ocl***Name{.}” with “.cl***Name.ocl***Name{.}”

Dietzman: The first select all items below an element with the cl*** “cl***Name” that have the cl*** “ocl***Name”. The second selects all elements that have both the cl*** “cl***Name” and the cl*** “ocl***Name”.