The button would not move.

Bibber: I’m using bootstrap btw

Scouller: Mathes: remove height: 100vh?

Mathes: Div disappear

Shanna: Http://

Maasen: Morataya: so you do not use any framework?

Morataya: Semmel: why should i?

Mirsky: Just curious. i use foundations grid

Pliler: Beats rewriting it everytime IMO

Morataya: You have to rewrite every time your client needs a change

Morataya: Doensn’t matter if you have a framework or not

Branchaud: How do i put submit button inside of the text form?

Lincks: Inside the text form?

Mathes: Semmel: i dont see any div

Tabicas: Hi. I want to make a new website layout using CSS. I haven’t made any websites since 8 years or so, so my question is what version of CSS should I use nowdays for production?

Shunk: DanteLA, Resources to help you get started:

Solaita: DanteLA,

Morataya: DanteLA: the better question is what are the best resources and up to date information? you’ll get what you need from these links.

Jonker: HTML: div cl***=”logo” img . / div and CSS: #logo { margin-left: 100px } – Should this not add left margin to where image is placed?

Seeberger: Replace latter div with /div

Kafel: DanteLA, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Geffre: DanteLA: prefix “.” is for cl***es, “#” is for IDs

Geffre: DanteLA: so #logo would match div id=”logo” and .logo matches div cl***=”logo”

Jandris: DanteLA: in the HTML you are using a cl*** but in the css you are referencing an ID

Onsgard: Uhm I guess my bouncer missed something when I lost connection? 😀

Siker: Maybe I should understand the difference between id and cl***, it seems my old code uses ids so I will continue using those

Pallas: DanteLA: You should definitely start by understanding the difference.

Morataya: Or after 8 years of not making websites you could review your knowledge with the links i gave you

Sciascia: Morataya: That might not be bad idea, I did skim them

Morataya: DanteLA: you’ll not regret it

Morataya: Save you more time as well in the long run

Turinetti: Yo yo yo w*** good dawgs

Mathes: What does dawgs mean?

Mathes: I want to make flexible height right now buttons are in outside div. How can i set height dynamically? You can have 50 buttons or 100 buttons. Any suggestion here ?

Turinetti: Dawgs is just a deformed word, like yo.

Mathes: Turinetti: any suggestion about my issue

Turinetti: Mathes as far as I can tell, your buttons are inside .buttons. The red bg comes from your .territory, which is probably what’s confusing visually. That one is set to 100vh, which will only be as high as your viewport

Mathes: I have height:100vh in territory

Brazinski: How do I make a menu with sub items that push the main items down?

Cauchon: Like a menu item called ‘About us’ which onhover will reveal a list nested inside the li tag, pushing down the other li tags below it

Menges: Rather than the traditional method of showing a separate menu box next to the main menu box?

Turinetti: Mathes you could try removing the heigh statement from .territory, and get the red bg on .buttons which is the direct parent of those buttons

Turinetti: Http://

Turinetti: Droopy so what would be left under the mouse if the button moves down?

Beaston: The button would not move down. Content would appear below the button, pushing down the other buttons