TechMonger: Where are the.

Paglio: Morenoh149: yes i think too

Garber: Miklosk:

Ketzler: Just used the first theme

Wissel: Morenoh149: thank you :

Nothem: Morenoh149: im older configure websites lol im forget all

Springle: Miklosk: yeah so you probably would’ve tripped up on the cdn step for jsfiddle. But that’s how you do it

Karrenberg: Morenoh149: yes and thank you u wake me up lol

Pedroni: Hi ppl, is there a way to open docx in a new tab and display it instead of offering to download?

Veneman: Docx aren’t websites, so no

Bonwell: Not able to set color to the font-awesome icon

Shippen: What wrong am I doing ?

Crew: I simply add .***et_bookmark { color:yellow; } but. somehow I am not allowed to change the color to yellow it seems

Ososkie: Arup_r: Some other ‘color’ property is defined with higher specificity, scroll through them til you see it

Percontino: Russek: should I use !important ?

Sembler: You should avoid !important

Mischel: I tried td.starred a i.***et_bookmark { color: yellow;

Rumley: I tried with id . as a selector then also didn’t work

Revak: What’s the selector that gives it the current colour?

Bavelas: Russek: table#***ets td.starred .fa

Ewalt: This is the current one

Bierce: Arup_r: Okay, well that’s very specific because of the id, you may want to use a cl*** instead

Fauber: Russek: Well, table#***ets td.starred .fa.fa-star.***et_bookmark { color:yellow; }worked. But I am chrome why still showing a line through over the property ?

Lofstrom: Arup_r: Did you ctrl shift r?

Corrett: Whats the default page width ?

Quivers: Dro__: 1960px the biggest default 😀

Mitch: Can I ask a small design question? how do you guys avoid the hamburger button on mobile? especially with subemues and clickable top level navigation it’s so difficult.

Lompa: I did ok here: make the browser slim to see it but you can not acess the top level menu

Furino: Why does “.feature-list h5,h3,p {color: #fff;}” override the elements outside of the .feature-list cl***?

Brzuchalski: You can’t nest selectors like that

Brzuchalski: That will select all h3 and p elements on the page

Brzuchalski: You need to write the whole selector after the comma

Schroeter: This works now, thanks!

Dentino: Hi! How do I disable the border for the last element?

Glassett: Hello. i have put a slider within gridster item . I want the gridster item to be resized to fit the slider . here is the plunker .

Sanderfer: View in embedded view

Pillon: How is html&css different for the web than for mail?

Mazzie: I am trying to use % for the sizes on my page. but for height the % isnt working but px is.

Manford: TechMonger: It’s % the height of the parent, but the parent doesn’t fit the full page most likely if that’s what you were expecting

Bugarin: But i have 3 divs inside a div container

Bohnker: I want the 3 to go across the top

Mcginness: But the hights are different

Wymer: I tried to make them all 20%

Bevel: I make them all 100px

Haven: TechMonger: Got a test case?

Gaber: Http://

Beattle: There is my html and css code

Brzuchalski: Thomaxo: nothing besides the fact that mail clients are generally god awful at rendering it correctly

Terrien: TechMonger: Where are the percentage heights intended to go?