Swander: It is very.

Becerril: Oh. that makes it appear at large sizes. still not appearing at small sizes

Dellbringge: You only have it defined for min-width 600px

Scherzer: Devices should just make all text 400% larger, done.

Srinivasan: Hmr, that works, but it works only on desktop

Delavega: I can’t get the small version to work on mobile

Lodrigue: Marshyy, or -webkit-device-pixel-ratio: 2 for crome? have you tried it?

Esparsen: What do i set that as?

Ashwell: Device-pixel-ratio is something else, you don’t really need that

Flourney: That’s just a way to pad your bill for iPhoo jobs

Sessum: Lodrigue, mind if I msg you privately to show you it live?

Santamarina: Marshyy make sure you have media queries for all sizes you except to view the page

Stambach: I’m just trying to have one above 600px and one below 600px

Emond: And it works fine on desktop

Taillon: But when it comes to mobile, it’s not

Buonassisi: Possibly because of resolution issues? My android is reading it as above 600px so it goes to that size

Viney: But I want it to go to the lower than 600px size

Lodrigue: Why do you define min-resolution? remove taht rule from the media query.

Schuetze: Still not working on mobile. https://jsfiddle.net/rcksvw9p/9/

Andebe: Still set to min-width 600px

Delair: It looks like https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ojy4egonud904y/Screenshot_2015-09-17-23-50-46.png?dl=0

Ewin: I’m pretty sure that means 600px and above

Renert: Sry checking latest link now marshyy

Jasmin: Not sure if it’s appropriate here since this is specifically to do with bootstrap styling, but it’s worth a shot: could anyone familiar with bootstrap styling kindly take a look at https://dpaste.de/nTFZ. I’d like lines 17 to 19 stay at the top without being replaced with 4-9 on browser resize. How would I do it?

Eddins: Duoi: there is ##bootstrap for questions about Bootstrap

Debello: Eddins, tried there as well but it doesn’t seem to be as active. sorry if this was out of place.

Callen: Any ideas laurentide_ ? _

Eddins: Might need to wait — there aren’t as many folk there as there are here

Nowinski: Try styling the image separately on top of the black background

Neugin: I’m sure there is some fancy CSS somewhere i dont know about to solve it without doing that

Bruker: But the thing is, I don’t want the image to take up that 600ish px

Upshaw: I want it to take only 300ish px on mobile

Bracaloni: So then it would be way closer to the top

Bodway: Https://www.dropbox.com/s/rt2i11bna8d9ano/Screenshot_2015-09-17-23-50-34.png?dl=0 – this is IE on mobile. It works

Plessinger: Https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ojy4egonud904y/Screenshot_2015-09-17-23-50-46.png?dl=0 – chrome / safari on mobile do not

Frei: Or essentially, how do you swap out a completely different image for mobile?

Lodrigue: Marshyy, http://blog.cloudfour.com/safari-6-and-chrome-21-add-image-set-to-support-retina-images/

Segroves: Why the place holder text is not visible in the input field and also the content of search chars while typing into it. It works in Chrome. but not in irefox http://codepen.io/aruprak****/pen/ojxLQa

Paalan: That great tool is uncss

Hufton: Any of you guys use webpack?

Ziegenhagen: Hey! I’m trying to master the -moz-appearance css tag. It’s not going to well. I want a diffferent height on a form field in Mozilla but I can’t get to how I do it. ANyone know+

Garavelli: Why I see radio buttons in Firefox, but not in the chrome ? http://codepen.io/aruprak****/pen/pjyNVm

Hughart: Radio buttons everywhere

Ditty: Swander: It is very frustating when thing works in one place but not in the other place