So it looks good on.

Medicus: Vertical-align has always been a bit troublesome for me and i’m not sure it applies here; does it? how can i take advantage?

Beiter: You can decrease line-height to get a more squeezed look

Lannier: So there is :not:first-child which works on the child element

Thurn: But I need one that works on the type of itself

Faigley: So when I got three h2 elements, the first h2 element should not be selected

Banzhaf: Hashtag__: h2:not:nth-child-n+2

Breden: I added the CDN but my checkbox not looks like as they have shown****/pen/qOZPLr

Brandwein: Arup_r, the bootstrap requires jquery to load. load that first, and then to others

Herres: Http://

Mccole: For some reason the text “header” isn’t going behind the rest of the do***ent when I scroll down. Any ideas?

Liljenquist: Excuse me for my noobishness in css :p

Idriss: AndrewG, the #title selector z-index must be smaller them the #main

Mcmullan: And also in the #main not enough only the z-index, you must define the position property, which can be relative in this case

Klinger: How can I target label for=”toggle-switch1″ so I can alter it in CSS?

Gardener: Hapi: Thanks so much! I’ve been looking around Google for ages :

Drage: AndrewG: you’re welcom

Pesch: How can I create a divider like in my****/pen/qOZPLr

Bertalan: Does anyone know how khan academy programmed their programming tutorials?

Cilento: Arup_r, just give a border-right to your .col-lg-8

Beske: And instead the .row, define padding to the rows

Wheelock: Http://

Columbo: Something like this, bit a with a little more time you can do much nicer:

Karcher: Hapi: box-shadow will be good ? :

Botta: Arup_r, instead of border?

Arancibia: No after border. inset

Southard: Hapi: not looks good :****/pen/qOZPLr

Ramerez: How to make it like that then ?

Mumme: On your screenshot there is only a border what i see

Schwinghammer: Can someone tell me how i can get the search button over to the left next to the end of the form field

Garlovsky: EllisTAA: got picture of what you’re after?

Determan: Nope, i just want that button over to the left

Guerry: EllisTAA: over to the left, left of the viewport, left of the page, left of body, left of parent, left of sibling?

Lingenfelter: EllisTAA: got picture of what you’re after?

Jarman: EllistAA: how about { width: 10px; padding: 0 }

Jarman: Errr maybe better as.

Jarman: { width: 10px; padding: 0; }

Jarman: Hey, i wouldn’t be using bootstrap at all if it was up to me

Bergene: Bleh thanks for the help

Bringman: If I make my site look ok on the desktop it looks like crap on my phone and vice versa

Sibilio: And I can only imagine what it looks like on iphone

Lassan: Probably not good either way

Iles: Do you load a different stylesheet based on the device somehow or what?

Mense: Hi on this page, if you hover over the Solutions menu item in chrome you see the second level but on Firefox you have to click, anyone see why hover isnt working on FF

Jarman: Most people use media queries, i would read about those

Buchser: So it looks good on desktop, but not-so-good on others, that simply means, you didn’t check on others while you were coding, when you should have, reminds an old footer from the 90’s h1 this pages best viewed,. . if you come over and look at my screen/h1