So in arabic, the “left” is.

Coppolino: But should be font-family instead of font?

Veneman: Font is a shorthand that includes font-family

Schantz: Mices: I think for the shorthand you need to at least size and family

Berrigan: Mices: but font-family wise, that looks fine, syntactically

Cullinane: About fonts. Are there fonts supported by most browsers? “web-safe fonts” so to speak.

Bonina: Pewpau: some, yes, there are many “system” fonts one can be re***ured about

Grochow: Kinda a silly question. I have a div that contains two other divs. The internal divs are using float and thus the containing div has a height of 0px. I want to add margin to the bottomo of the containing div. Can I force it to recognize the height of the contained, floated divs inside it?

Lodrigue: Overflow:hidden on the parent

Lockaby: Fyrs, Contain floats: ::

Jackels: Lodrigue: boom shaka laka

Vallette: Piedrahita: thanks for the article

Drum: Fyrs, Sorry, I am a bot, not a person. You want to speak to the person who spoke to me.

Pittmon: Fyrs, When in doubt, choose hotpink. And if you need a second colour to go with hotpink, let it be neon green.

Brandt: If I want a container div or span and some text to the right of it. do I make a span that’s floating left?

Ehrenfeld: Nope. That just completely *****ed up everything.

Macione: Reisio, float tutorials:,

Mince: Pewpau: depends on context, you could, sure, it may nor may not work, depends on context

Mcclaughry: I see. I’m having a title h1 and want the menu to trail on its right side.

Mevis: Right. I make the h1 display:inline I guess?

Mohinani: Lol, what do I do then? Want links to the right of the g1

Marquardt: Pewpau:

Veneman: Float the menu div, as the tutorials explain

Naftel: Thanks. still trying to grasp it.

Haine: Anyone can try help me i want i tryfollow this Wizard: my fiddle but not work: any advice why and try help me ?

Isom: Jak2000: the wizard of 404 :P, so. what are you trying to do?

Croshaw: Err:

Mulaney: I want try to make a wizard

Veneman: Jak2000: it helps your fiddle if you actually put the javascript inside

Scurlock: Http://

Veneman: Oh, you mean you’ve found the problem

Millin: Bprompt: why float right on the “menu” instead of float left on the title?

Boyde: Pewpau: because, the h1 is the float’s “anchor”

Veneman: You float the thing that content should flow around. the floated thing is what moves

Bollman: I understand the first sentence. But not what you mean by “the floated thing moves”. My understanding is that the floated thing “moves” to the e.g left and that the rest of the content flow around it? Is that what you meant?

Veneman: Yes. that’s why you said “the floated thing moves”

Herbison: Pewpau: a float, floats in relation to “something”, that “something” is the so-called “anchor”, and floats look ahead in the markup source code, for their anchor, thus you’d notice, I put the UL before the H1, so the UL floats in relation the H1, thus the H1 is its anchor

Dilmore: Bprompt: does it always look forward not backwards?

Roehr: Pewpau: yes, AFAIK, yes, looks forward, depending on the text orientation, so, I gather on arabic, it’d look to the right, since arabic is written from right-to-left

Fallago: So in arabic, the “left” is the forward location for the text orientation