So I though I could do that.

Urtiaga: But is it possible to show the dropdown list – scrollbar?

Dunkelberger: Like the one in the picture

Gardin: Do you use any css framework or extension?

Furlough: I have currently at how do I approach this, any guidance?

Rendino: I’m so sorry, but what’s css framework/extension. I just use css3 .lol

Quicksall: Personally i don’t bother with implementing such things by myself and just use ready to use components from css frameworks like semantic ui or bootstrap

Seabold: Do you mean like similar to using pre-made scripts like jquery for javascript?

Szollosi: Brajt, I understand, but if I were to build this on my own, how would I do that?

Amsinger: That would be what i call “a waste of time” but i’d start with a tutorial like this one

Maietta: It’s a nice effect and the code is self-explaining

Breiter: Brajt, hmm thanks! But why would that be a waste of time?

Rupnick: Brajt, isn’t it nice to like build something out from nothing

Flamm: There are few golden rules of programming. one of them is “don’t reinvent the wheel”

Korte: I agree it’s nice to build something out of nothing when you’re learning

Fabiano: Or when you actually need to do something from scratch to fit a very particular use case

Zubrzycki: But for casual usage, doing such things by yourself is wasting time. when you’ve got two weeks to finish a whole website, the last thing you want to do is to waste time

Maymi: Because time is money

Hartzo: That’s where the already done components come into play, just like js scripts

Spar: This dropdown is an easy thing so if you’re learning, i can recommend this tutorial

Golz: Well, it’s always worth knowing how things work under the mask so you can tweak them later

Spadea: How is an elment’s coordinates determined ? suppose if i have a rectangular div, then the div’s coordintae is taken w.r.t 0, 0 of div?

Winkles: How is an element positioned with respective to the parent, when using offset values like top,left etc is the element’s 0, 0 taken as the reference point for positionng the element?

Selma: Pickandmix no problem

Amelang: Ropo if the element is positioned relative and is a block, it starts with it’s left bottom. if the element is inline, it starts with right top. if an element is positioned absolute, it starts with left top

Pugh: I mean if parent is block and if parent is inline

Vanvickle: You can write a simple code to check it and get familiar with it

Lisonbee: Brajt —,css,output , why is the search button not completely visible

Sedman: Now the alpha bet for the database

Marchena: Http://,css,output

Trokey: Guys , I am stuck at header

Todeschi: There are three div’s in header one is main , then left one with my name and right one with contact infrmation. I want to keep them all fixed

Dauphinais: Now at some point , the main div disappeared

Turgeon: I put main div as fixed , and fixed the two inside it as fixed too and the left one floated that left and right one floated that right

Gillerist: Ideally what I want to achieve is static header with left and right div’s I hope somebody gets it , am stuck

Nase: Fyi , this is part of excercise on codeacademy

Borrego: Jessica_h: why is the layout full of fixed elements?

Cresci: Jessica_h: there is an extra close backet under #contact

Quint: There u go jessica u have to give the coordinates of the main header

Valenzuela: Tinystoat actually what I want to achieve is fixed header

Skafec: So I though I could do that if I fix the three div’s main header one and the two inside them