So I have this extra.

Tooke: Keksi_: That’s pretty much what all grids do, you have to work out the math then on last child remove margin

Moretti: Altos: if you don’t want to change the html structure you can use absolute positioning instead

Prokup: Keksi_:

Stable: D3m0n: the problem is that I’m generating these divs about 100, and I would like them to line up in ‘threes’

Moretti: Altos:

Pizzella: Keksi_:

Retort: D3m0n: thanks a lot :

Moretti: Altos: then you can do the same for content if you want that to scroll independently

Lundstrom: Kuribas: its not just the pic, its your whole site

Delduca: Xec: That’s great, should’ve checked that :

Conrow: You also made the entire page wrap an inline block O.O

Moretti: Altos:

Linzie: D3m0n: When I make #page block, the page suddenly has 0 height.

Scherb: I mean the #page div.

Guebara: Kuribas: What did you make this site in?

Manke: Ok so pretty much all custom html

Gittler: Yeah, a lot of this is invaild. I would start there.

Knipp: Xec: Yes, but how do I give the button and header a max-witdh? seems not be working

Moretti: Altos: i’m not entirely sure what you mean. how do you want it to behave vs what it does now?

Tarring: Kuribas: I would also suggest starting with a boilerplate

Ponessa: Find a skeleton layout that fits yours

Nordby: D3m0n: do you know a good starting point?

Jagher: Kuribas:

Melero: Similar to your design

Gluckman: Kuribas: Bootstrap has some cool basic layouts too

Ousley: Xec: It’s perfect, just like I wanted it. Just curious why I can’t give the header .menu and .header a max-with 240px and 480px

Moretti: Altos: you can?

Moretti: A float will only be as wide as its content by default and 84px is smaller than 240px

Moretti: Altos: so maybe you want just “width” instead?

Moretti: Also, the left floated menu will only push the *text content* of the .header unless you also give it a block formatting context like if you float it too or overflow: hidden;

Moretti: Altos: it might make more sense to position the top menu items absolutely too

Moretti: Altos: if they are both floated:

Mickles: Xec: just got back, thanks much!

Aimbez: But no need for to scroll, it was just for testing :

Shumski: Trying to learn CSS3 fast while creating HTML layouts

Zody: I am using a stub tag to fit a div to all enclosing floats. Is there a way to do that without being intrusive on the html?

Sands: That seems to work, but is it portable?

Gruhlke: Xec, Contain floats: ::

Littlehale: If there are any bootstrap guys in here, can somebody tell me how i can make this menu, got a nav in a container, typical brand/menu, but for the menu item dropdown i need the links horizontal and for the background color strip to span the entire width of the screen as in the image, since the menu is in a container, how would it be done ?

Espino: Xec: still there? next:

Wadden: Hey, any css people here?

Rusnak: There are more bootstrap questions than css lately :

Arneecher: Im sure mine is a bootstrap question as well lol

Bridgeforth: So I have this extra padding on the right of my page which does not show up in inspect element.