So, I have this 1800px wide.

Eddins: Use a ‘live’ pastebin, like codepen, that you already linked to

Eddins: One that will create a small web page to debug

Eddins: Curses: sounds like a job for SVG

Cura: I have given codepen link too

Douet: But not in a single page

Codere: Http://

Lauze: Http://

Bissen: Eddins : this is the link please tell me how can i write complete code in single html file

Mellors: I have done this and pasted code in pastebin I already gave u link please help

Eddins: Siddharth030: if you need help with _your_ problem, then paste your code into, save, and share that URL

Deyarmin: Code is already in codepen and working

Macneal: The thing is that i want one single html file

Galassini: And thats not working

Eddins: Then put it into the HTML field

Bissada: I have done that but that is not working

Barhorst: Http://

Pellitteri: Http://

Crounse: This is pastebin link

Eddins: Siddharth030: is there a part of this that you are finding hard to understand?

Schayer: I dont kow why my javascript is not working when i combine whole code

Eddins: If your question is “How can I put all of this code into an HTML file?”, then you need to share a testcase where you put everything into an HTML file

Eddins: If your question is about JavaScript, why are you asking it in #css?

Tuck: Just take it and run it in your browser

Haroldsen: Https:// workaround available?

Kempfer: I do have two flex boxes next to each other, left menu, right content. How do I make the menu box always full height, even if the content does not fill the content box?

Perl: Is even possible to implement this only with CSS ?

Baher: Perl: yes, but difficult, and not crossbrowser. create a svg version of that. scalable, small and browser friendly

Perl: Hapi: svg would be scalable ?

Perl: Hapi: *sorry I mean broswer compatible

Varanda: Yes, the major browsers has very good support

Lapora: Http://

Drumgole: Could someone help me please :

Grappo: Orfeo describe your problem, and someone might

Spera: Well, I need to centralize the contents and eliminate the right margin from icon/text.

Nicolosi: My element already has a translate and I’d like to add a RELATIVE translate ontop of that. Is this possible?

Arcos: I.e. I’d like to specify another translate setting which will translate relative to the one that’s already active.

Spera: Could someone help me figure how to center horizontally the img and p : ?

Calvillo: Orfeo: Add “text-align:center;” to footer.

Spera: Calvillo: o/ thank you!

Calvillo: Orfeo: No problem, you can center content as well using “margin:0 auto;”

Calvillo: Depending on the situation

Calvillo: For elements inside of a container, text-align generally does the trick

Spera: Calvillo: I never understand if margin: auto; applies to block level elements or inline

Calvillo: Orfeo: text-align would be good for inline blocks

Spera: I never found the CSS logic, it sounds like a billion cake recipes for each case.

Spera: P is a block level element

Tefertiller: So, I have this 1800px wide image that’s ~300px tall. A header image. At a media point, for mobile, I want to center that image, specifying height — so the vast majority of the image would be off-screen left and right. Maybe 320px of that 1800px image is showing at mobile, but it’s the center bit.