So an animation to make the.

Eddins: Dv***: height: 100vh;

Eddins: Dv***:

Joganic: Eddins: actually, how would I get it work with this

Hielscher: I tried adding a new section

Stalvey: But didn’t seem to get it to wok

Condiff: Http://

Shames: Eddins: sorry, thought I pasted

Bernotas: Argh Im always struggling generating image galleries.

Bernotas: Im tryign setup 1 with 4 divs with images and I would like to add effects lateron.

Bernotas: Http://

Bernotas: Currently I made that approach but then the image becomes not visible anymore.

Eddins: Dv***: this is nothing like what I gave you?

Schieber: Eddins: Nope, I tried to change it by adding a new section and then adding the bit of css

Calonne: It just added the content on top of the current one

Eddins: Brandeland: background images are not the same as images

Eddins: Dv***: so…how would you like me to debug something then?

Laudenslager: Eddins: I was wondering whether you could implement it

Bernotas: Eddins Isn’t it recommended to load them in the div inline to create a good grid effect? I would like on desktop to have every div 25% floated left, with an image which is set to background cover;

Bernotas: Loading them in figureimg. is better then?

Eddins: Dv***: I already gave you a working solution

Eddins: Brandeland: or just img

Keatley: Eddins: But why is it not working when I try add it in?

Bernotas: How can you fit them than to the whole div? :

Luhr: Http://

Bernotas: I thought it was not possible to use ‘background-size: cover / contain ‘ on a img tag.

Doser: Eddins: I added it in again

Eddins: Dv***: because you didn’t take time to understand what my simple testcase was doing, and then additional time to work out how to get that to work with what you have

Thomases: Eddins: Well I must admit the syntax was a bit different to what I’m used to

Eddins: It’s Stylus code, but it’s obviously CSS too

Eddins: Maybe try stripping everything from your testcase not related to full height sections, and adding some background color

Eddins: Brandeland: it’s not, but you can use ‘object-fit: cover’ to do something similar

Bernotas: That will bring IE down.

Bernotas: Wow . not related to my issue: but isnt this site ways to large? Inspector says 5.1 MB loaded ‘

Hiteman: Http://,output can’t get this animation to happen :

Borowik: I have set up galleria on the following page, the caption dissapears on mobile, can anyone help –

Bernotas: Ok, started working on it Eddins

Bernotas: This is what I got so far.

Bernotas: But I would like to add a cool hover effect and make it possible to click the image, can that be done without JS? :

Eddins: Just wrap the img in a a href=”…”

Bernotas: Excluding that overlay div I made?

Eddins: Not sure why that is there

Bernotas: Http:// There you go :

Eddins: Brandeland: but you are overlaying the link. You should put the overlay inside the a

Bernotas: But now I should attach the floating to the a element right?

Eddins: Remove the a that was inside the overlay

Eddins: No…now you have ALL of the links inside one ‘col-4’ —

Bernotas: So an animation to make the “+” appear is that possible without making use of JS? :