Siciliano: what happens if.

Cordona: Riera: you dont have to answer me xD

Liebert: I am not too sure what you mean

Abramson: You don’t want the arrow to expand it to 80% if there is not enough buttons to fill it?

Barthen: Let say there is one button

Husby: Expand it to %10 or %20 is enough

Hodell: If there is 5 buttons may be %40

Bobo: Ah off the top of my half asleep head you would have to do some nifty JS calculations

Okeson: Maybe you could use width: auto; when you change the buttons from display: block; to display: inline-block;

Benberry: Seems to work although you will have to tweak your animations

Scierka: That disabled animation

Fetterolf: Yeah problem is solved but

Dumire: I don’t think you can animate width: auto;

Pennel: Https://

Sepe: I need to finish up what I am doing then go to bed

Doxtator: I will be around from 10pm tomorrow night it was 10pm 5 hours ago

Hoopengardner: Need help figuring out why a.nav-links styling doesn’t work. Page background is actually a gradient blue

Nickle: Skinux: there’s nothing in your test case showing any sort of styling on the nav links you’re referring to

Brodrick: Hi. I’m trying to replace Open Sans by Verdana on _every_ web page, because the rendering of Open Sans is broken for me while Verdana is bitmap-sharp. I already got User Style Manager and created a CSS

Betzen: I used this* and some others, to cross-check as template, but the font doesn’t seem to change and I want to make sure it’s not my CSS file that’s wrong. *

Bouquet: If you have a page where you need columns of a specific size and they need to be edge to edge, Does it make sense using bootstrap col-x-x and resizing them or should i just use normal divs ?

Postier: This is the whole CSS I’m using:

Teske: There’s a test page:

Allgier: Does anyone know of a way to animate/transition the change of css width?

Rufi: Its the same as animating anything else

Lindie: I figured it out. app.css which is styling I didn’t write is controling links, my css in custom.css isn’t being able to override it.

Hougland: Hi guys, having a problem. I have downloaded a off canvas nav and got it working. However when I change the settings within the css file nothing on the site changes. If I use the inspect element within chrome and change the values I get the desired effect, I then look at the same file and change the same thing but on reloading it is back to as it was even though the line has been changed, any ideas?

Siciliano: Blinky_ try loading the same URl in your browser’s private mode that eliminates cache issues

Siciliano: Blinky_ otherwise check that the file you’re modifying is included in the page, and that the css is not stated one more time inline.

Siciliano: Or you’re inside a if IE statement .

Siciliano: That’s about all I got right now hehe

Stlawrence: How do I use one of the web safe fonts and turn that into handwritten text?

Siciliano: R13ose fonts are not convertible to different styles. A serif font will always be serif. So you’d need to embed a web font that’s an actual handwriting one

Rasul: Siciliano: you can never change the style of a font?

Wakeling: Ok cheers will have a look now

Siciliano: Style doesn’t really refer to handwritten or serif

Siciliano: You can change anything about the font, but it will still look like the font

Wommack: Please help me to add background-color on the left section OFERTE SPECIALE

Lobban: Siciliano: what happens if I use a web non-safe font, does this mean people will not see the same thing?