Shinzaemon, thanks. But I.

Longcor: I want to change the color of arrow image i found border-color but it isnt working. Can you help me to figure out?

Bedford: Hellyeah Use transition background-color .

Findlen: But it will color your entire image so : P

Demeritte: I just want to change color in the border of image

Reighard: Hellyeah: the thing with border color is that only a part of the border sides are coloured, the rest is transparent

Reighard: Hellyeah: the trick is that css got “strange” corners :

Reighard: But honestly, these days one would rather use SVG

Reighard: And a css cl*** with transition – or just javascript

Mundt: When you color the border

Magley: Css make rest transparent

Reighard: When you set border-color or the color in border shorthand, all border sides will be coloured

Reighard: Including the formerly transparent ones

Reilly: Hellyeah: the thing with border color is that only a part of the border sides are coloured, the rest is transparent

Tysarczyk: Neredsenvy: A percentage relative to the width of the containing block. Negative values are allowed.

Tysarczyk: Neredsenvy:

Reighard: Also * { box-sizing: border-box; }

Reighard: As paul irish told you

Jackley: MeowdyMeow, Preferred live pastebins:

Brais: Yo, is url’//something.otf’; likely to be anything but a typo?

Annett: Can i make delimiter between divs just with css? working not quite right

Balich: MeowdyMeow: border maybe?

Marer: You re asking how to pick the right thing

Riebeling: If that’s the case then you can make a rule for all and override it with :last-child :

Lipszyc: Ty, border-right is fine

Tysarczyk: MeowdyMeow: the double forward slash usually indicates another domain is involved and calling the image from that other domain

Tysarczyk: Medfly: sorry that’s for you

Layssard: So yeah, I think it is a mistake

Mudger: Guys can anybody clear up something about nth-child? how is it possible that $input:nth-child3 returns an element but $input:nth-child2 returns null?

Earle: Shouldn’t the nth-child elements always start from 1?

Monoz: What are those fine lines around the box?

Laneve: Hi pioneer this chat seems a bit dead :

Helt: What are those fine lines around the box?

Senseney: Http://

Bulleri: Shinzaemon, why? im newbie in discussion :

Joto: Me too, i used discussion a lot back in the day but it’s been at least 10 years

Bansmer: Just decided to start again :

Wahlstrom: Shinzaemon what kinda link?

Millam: Hi folks. Can someone help me figure out why this doesn’t work for me? The element is pulled up 50%, falling out of the parent.

Tutwiler: There must be some other prerequisites not explained.

Kovach: Shinzaemon, it’s cool:congratulations : did you see the film Hackers? with Jolie.

Nastri: Shinzaemon, can you recomend good book about css?

Curlin: Shinzaemon: Seems like if the parent doesn’t have a height declared you need to change it to position:abs instead.

Brazle: Might have been nice of the author to mention that in the post and not in a comment 200 lines down

Mainville: Position:absolute is never a good idea.

Mrowka: Tamarind i s making me feel very strange

Vandermoon: Shinzaemon, thanks. But I need a book for absolute beginner. Is it book perfect for me ?