Saccucci: if not, I can’t.

Jellings: Hello234123: buttontext/button . text is inside the button; can you rephrase your question?

Staadt: If the text is too big, it will wrap and the button will be taller

Bigas: I was doing like this look

Moscovic: Found the problem. chrome is *scaling*

Molner: Http://

Eilbert: Probably related to:

Hismith: At full screen chrome says the width is only 2327 rather than 2560

Berto: Pastebin is not good for html/css use jsfiddle

Paolino: As you can preview the changes and so

Staadt: Here you go hello1234123

Staadt: Https://

Staadt: Remember you can do this just as easily for next time

Wanvig: Https://

Tetrick: You seen it is going outside the button

Staadt: Yes you see your have spexified a height for tittlestuff cl***

Staadt: Updated with no height

Lyle: Hello234123: you keep using the word button; is that supposed to be clickable or do you just mean that style of rectangle?

Rondinelli: But isnt it the height of the button thing i made

Beal: Shouldnt it be inside it

Zarrella: I wanted to make it that way i thought it would work

Seminole: Hello234123 you can either make the button grow, or make the text overflow

Vellutini: How do i make the button grow

Staadt: So you want the height 400, but you want the text to not show all of it?

Chadsey: Hello234123 you can make the overflown text to be hidden, shown, or add a scrollbar so you can scroll over it

Staadt: Or you want a scrollbar to see all of the text in that area

Ranos: Isnt there a way to instead of making the button grow, make the text smaller and smaller?.

Shellhaas: Hello234123 don’t specify a height like you did, and it will grow

Soto: Height:auto will do the same as not specifying it right

Staadt: But even then, i would not recommend making text smaller or larger based on amount of content

Hattabaugh: But so the only way to make the text smaller and smaller is using javascript then?

Staadt: Smaller and smaller yes

Staadt: You could use php too yes

Szatkowski: Making the text smaller based on content is pointless

Billingsby: How many sites have you ever been to that do that?

Staadt: But the hack level of these things is 9000

Devery: Ye i just started learning this stuff

Nalepka: Solution: start chrome with –force-device-scale-factor=1

Niedermeyer: I have items in a p and I want on hover of an item to change bacground color. How can I make the item to span the whole space until the borders of the p?

Lathon: I want it to be coloured whole

Krenke: Amikrop what are those “items” ?

Esperanza: Anything, lets say spans

Baccam: Span is inline, so it wont fill the width of like a block element

Schaneman: I need them to be inline, is there no other way around this?

Hollarn: Amikrop can you provide a link to see your issue?

Schear: Amikrop you can make the whole “p” bacground change, does that work for you?

Mickiewicz: Saccucci: no cause I only want one item to be colored, not all of them

Keal: Saccucci: is there any other way to divide p exhaustingly, and color each part on hover?

Domanski: Amikrop you can add some wrappers inside the P to do that

Hanscom: Saccucci: aren’t those wrappers the spans themselves?

Montano: Saccucci: if not, I can’t add block wrappers cause they ll ruin the layout