Right. I’m still reading on.

Maiorano: Where can I read about it? Don’t mention standards! :

Stelk: What’s the best CSS book, describing such problems?

Laney: Not usual blah-blah, it’s a div and it’s a span.

Borom: I’m encountering some strange effects with CSS transitions. * { transition: 0.25s } – everything is the same

Borom: I’m animating the background color & color of a set of divs and it’s working exactly as planned

Borom: Some of the divs however have svg elements in them- so i’m animating their fill instead

Borom: It seems that the color/background-color transitions are completing and then the SVG fill animation begins, and i’m not sure why that is

Mackellar: I needed to use special plugin to animate color. Something changed since that time? It’s possible by css now?

Borom: The svg fill is definitely animating, it’s just starting after the background-color transition has completed o-O

Borom: Could it be a performance thing? the svgs i’m including are icons from an svg sprite sheet using use

Borom: But that shouldn’t have an affect once the shape has already been loaded.

Borom: Changing the duration doesn’t seem to be having any useful effect. It is changing the duration of the fill transition, but it still isn’t starting until after the background color transition

Borom: Whatever; setting the transition to 0s is barely noticeably different from the effect i’m trying to achieve

Borom: If anyone happens to read this & has experienced this before, that would be tremendous : until then, i’ll just work around

Cassiano: Hi, is it possible on css select a previous element?

Raggio: Not parent, but the one behind?

Sangrey: I mean every preceeding

Eddins: You cannot select backeards

Lodrigue: Juslintek, not in css3. but css4 will contain div:has~ div rule

Echoles: Lodrigue, so it is possible somehow to select forwards, but apply rules to backwards šŸ˜€

Fiorentini: I want to check if fowards is checked, if its checked I want to give rules to backwards.

Lodrigue: Not implemented yet in any browsers :

Eddins: Juslintek: you might be able to hack something with quantity queries, depending on the cir***stance http://alistapart.com/article/quantity-queries-for-css

Eddins: Looks like someone built a GUI to create them http://quantityqueries.com/

Eddins: Juslintek: or, just do something like this http://codepen.io/Eddins/pen/NGGNgZ

Brenna: I’m trying to uncollapse collapsed margins for adjacent equal margin elements: http://jsfiddle.net/bkhLnnwo/2/ but the overflow trick and the padding trick? won’t work in chrome or ff

Dowds: Eddins, well its not a hack its just how css should be used šŸ˜€ Its good tool, just need to spin your head around to find a way on how to use some possibilities. šŸ˜€

Eddins: Varrg: so you want 10px of space between article?

Eddins: Why not just give them 10px of margin then?

Bockenstedt: Because I need to reorder them and maintain margin, like setting a fixed width and floating them all to left

Kishi: And want a uniform css for all presentations

Eddins: Varrg: sure – http://jsfiddle.net/bkhLnnwo/3/

Karlstad: Breaks this: http://jsfiddle.net/bkhLnnwo/4/

Guevera: Of course I can just put specific css to each presentation, but it’d be nice to keep it as inherited as possible

Holleyman: Eddins, from what I read, overflow:hidden should fix it, but doesn’t. Perhaps newer browser versions changed something since those fixes

Leazer: Hello, if you open this url, click on the menu, click on first menu item and then click on any sub menu item which has sub menu, you will see the links are not visible. When you take the mouse out, it is? http://tinyurl.com/nzgtuvu

Eddins: Varrg: no that would ‘contain’ the margin of a child element inside a parent

Beards: Right. I’m still reading on a fix but there seems to be none for adjacent elements