Reposting: hi. How to make.

Bargo: So you’re telling me that when i apply width% to a cointainer, its only the 100 of width of its content?

Brzuchalski: Height is different than width

Brzuchalski: Well, no, its not. i take that bace

Brzuchalski: 100% means 100% of the containing elements size

Orzech: So, width applyes to parent while height applies to children?

Brzuchalski: For block level elements, width is 100% by default, so 100% of 100% is 100%

Brzuchalski: Height is ‘auto’ in block level elements by default, and 100% of ‘auto’ is ‘auto’

Willibrand: 100% of auto should be 100%, not auto

Brzuchalski: But the browser doesn’t know what ‘auto’ is at the time the styles are calculated

Brzuchalski: In a px value, that is

Dallmann: So what about using absolute container with bottom=0 ?

Brasil: Ist the same thing right?

Roosa: Because its parent height is unknown

Rodeen: The height is a matrioska doll

Brzuchalski: Nope, it that point the parents height is known

Brzuchalski: That happens at a different stage in the layout

Sirois: How would i use a html table with css?

Mcclaine: How do i lable the table cells?

Minger: I’m trying something in CSS I cannot manage with.

Jewels: Example :

Meryman: At the bottom, I want my roange right div not going behind the orange floating map on the left.

Tarring: Qu est-ce que tu fais?

Matott: Une refonte d’une site communautaire listant les h├ębergements de randonneurs

Cota: Yes but the orange horizontal lines will still there

Komada: I mean I want the orange horizontal lines of the right titles to begin on the left of the title and not on the left of the page.

Brzuchalski: Leosw: you could float the right div as well

Limardi: Brzuchalski on do you see how the main navigation has text shadowing.which I want. but the drop down also has text shadowing. both are of the a cl***.how do I make it so only the main navigation a’s have text shadowing but not its children a’s?

Reinecke: Brzuchalski, You’re right, but in that cas if my floating div have a fixed width. I want it to adapt to page width.

Brzuchalski: Leosw: try putting a percentage width on both the left and right divs

Brzuchalski: That way they will respond to page width

Brzuchalski: Safari: use the child selector

Frankforter: Brzuchalski, Works fine

Brzuchalski: Safari: youre welcome

Bungy: Hi. my css is a slight mess, but how to make this tetris work blue should touch the top and be besides green? And can I make this work without the left-wrapper div?

Zeilinger: Preferably without flexbox :/ but if it’s not possible otherwise I’ll flex it.

Dejesus: Clean fiddle:

Lucena: Why when i hover over my menu now does it jig the lions and everything slightly to the left? how do i eliminate the jig

Deblasio: Safari when you hover the links they get thick, moving everything around.

Turello: Safari you can either avoid hover thickness, or apply a width: 150px or so to .main-navigation li

Templeman: Safari no problem! another trick is the a and a:hover both to have a border, but the normal one that matches the background, so it cannot be seen.but makes both the same thickness

Cother: He actually works on a safari website, nothing related to the mac browser :

Mchale: Reposting: hi. How to make this tetris work blue should touch the top and be besides green? And can I make this work without wrapping the “left” divs?